Boing e boing help

Hi all I’m trying to do the trick boing e boing. I’ve mastered the mount but I when I bounce the yo yo
It bounces to the sides and comes off the string. What am I doing wrong

Just keep trying. Boing e boing is one of those tricks that makes no sense when you’re learning it. I spent probably a month or so trying to get it, and then one day it just sort of “clicked”, and my hands understood what they were supposed to do. The only advice I can give is to keep your NTH still, and just move your throw hand up and down.

I’ve been throwing just over a year, still can’t do boing e boing, my record is 4 string hits

Ok thanks for the help

The key is to make sure both strings are lined up over your throw hand index finger. Keep your NTH still and start by making small movements with your throw hand. It takes practice but you’ll get the hang of it!

When you get into split-bottom mount, don’t go into the boingy boing mount and then prepare for the first boing. You should try to do the first boing immediately from the split-bottom mount as if you’re doing a barrel roll. Also, try practicing in front of a mirror to see how your hand is moving. Pretend that your throwhand is on a puppet’s string and it can only move up and down, practice that motion slowly in the mirror before doing it with the yoyo. I know how infuriating this next part is going to sound but this is one of those tricks that will just “click” one day. I was really frustrated with it at first, so I only attempted it on and off for a couple of months. One day I got so frustrated that I just didn’t yoyo for a week and when I went to try it again, I paid extra close attention to my throwhand in the mirror, and made sure that it was only going up and down, not diagonally or sideways, and I got a couple of boings before the yoyo fell out. I was so happy and from then on, it was only a matter of practicing and adjusting my up and down hand motion before I could get it consistently. So:

-Practice in front of a mirror to observe your throwhand’s bobbing motion
-Make sure that your throwhand is ONLY going up and down and keep your non-throw hand completely still (I find that moving it forward an inch or two helps me stay consistent in my boings)
-Your first boing should be a barrel roll
-You can also do some barrel rolls before you start the trick, the barrel rolls make the string shorter so it makes the trick easier and the yoyo less likely to fall out of the strings
-if the yoyo keeps falling out of the strings, then before you do the trick, make sure that all of the strings are aligned and if you look at them head-on, it looks like only one string

Also, don’t spend all of your time on this trick, switch it up everyday and use different yoyos every time you try to keep it fun. Remember: Yoyoing is meant to be fun, it shouldn’t make you mad. Just try to stay optimistic and keep trying.

I also would like to add, try not to lean your head to watch the yoyo, if that makes sense. I found it easy if I kept my head above the yoyo.

I second that.

Just keep practicing and you WILL get it eventually

Yeah, don’t look at it from the side, keep your head in the same plane if you are boinging off the strings.

This video might be helpful for the boing motion:

I only recently got this trick down, it took me quite a while. there are a few key things that helped me, some of which were already said but i’ll reiterate anyways, try to follow these steps in this order and i encourage you to read the whole thing because this could be kind of long…

  1. Once you’re in the split bottom mount, get into boingy boing position but don’t “boing” yet. from there, make very small movements as close to perfectly up and down as possible it is very important that your throw hand move directly up and down, not forwards or backwards at all. keeping straight up and down will make or break the trick. The yoyo should start to move back and forth a bit with very small boings, from there you can slowly try to progress to larger ones. I found that doing this really helped me figure out the rhythm of the motion, which is also one of the most difficult parts.

  2. Once you start to get the rhythm of it down, the yoyo will start popping out to the side. A lot. Focus on keeping your two hands in line; don’t look to the side, look directly down. Make sure you have started to get the hang of the motion in step 1 before trying too hard to correct your hand alignment.

  3. You will probably get to the point that you can do the motion well and get the trick looking nice, but you just can’t get it started. you will probably hear that moving your bottom hand forward can help make the trick easier. I find that this is true with getting the first “boing”; getting the trick started, but afterwards you should move your bottom hand into normal position directly below your top hand.

  4. Take a break. I know i personally got very frustrated with this trick for quite a while, i can honestly say boingy boing is the only trick i’ve tried to learn that has made me legitimately angry and not just irritated. Do not over practice this, put you head to it for maybe sessions of 15-20 minutes and focus on improving one specific aspect of it at a time. and then move on to something else and come back to boingy boing later. frustration often just gets in the way.

  5. Those above are what i found to help the most (especially the first 2), once you get the hang of those to a certain degree, try out these more subtle tips to really help:
    -Keep your throw hand index and middle finger together. If your index finger is straight out, so should your middle finger be. I curl my index and middle finger (throw hand) in during the motion and find that that helps.
    -Keep your non throw hand (NTH) index finger rigid, if that finger moves when you tug on the sting then less of your tug is being used for the trick, it’s going to waste. (i keep the string on my bottom hand index finger closer to the base of my finger)
    -Don’t let the yoyo get too high up towards your top hand. it’s easier to do the trick when the yoyo is in the down slightly past the mid point between your two hands.

I hope this essay of a post helps!


I fully agree with u, especially the 'taking a break’part

I found what really helped me when learning the trick, was to pinch the string with my throw hand during the boings! This ensures the boings are the same length each time, and I found it made it easier. Once you have it down like that, simply don’t pinch, it will feel slightly different but you already have the basic movement down so its a lot easier.