boingy boing

is it just me or is boingy boing the hardest trick ever? I CANT GET IT!!!

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Just got to remember that your throwhand has to move up and down only. Don’t move it forwards and backwards. Practise with this in mind and you’ll get it eventually.

I worked on it for an hour today with no luck. I’m gonna forget about it for a while lol

Interestingly, this was how I learned the trick. Tried it for like a whole day and just couldn’t get it and just gave up. Tried the trick randomly 3 months later and something just clicked. I can now do it whenever.

I’m so jealous of you lol. It makes mad that I can’t do it

legit boings took me YEARS to learn. YEARS. some people have a ‘boing gene’ and understand it immediately, while others can work at it forever and it doesn’t really improve.
when it clicks though, it makes it very satisfying.
my suggestion: take a dead yo-yo and just hold it from 1/3 of the way down the string. just practice moving your arm up and down to make the yo-yo move in and out in a uniform rhythm. the whole idea with boings is that it’s a transverse wave: the yo-yo moves perpendicular to the direction of the force. i used to think you could only practice it while in the mount, but you can really practice the motion at any time and with anything. after i made that connection (and the connection to eli hops, which is really the same type of motion, just bigger/slower), it was easy.

Thats what I did.

When I finally got it… I started moving my hand up and down faster than needed. Slowed down from there. When I hit that “feeling” of the yoyo bouncing into the string, I had the speed range to work on refining it. I think the most important step is that first throw into the string… your first boing.

Try moving it with your whole hand and then you get the motion after that. That how I learned it.

Mondo you sound like me, awhile back. I finally learned it, and now it’s easy and fun. I had to keep coming back to this one. I did what ed said, and that’s the key to starting to learn the motion. However there was ONE video, that really helped me out…

The way he shows you slowly helped me develop the move. You will get it if you keep practicing. I recommend getting good at atomic bomb rolls because I usually do a couple of those before I put it into the boingy…it helps keep you on string, and there is less distance the yoyo can travel, making this easier…this is also true for pop n fresh if you know that one.

Good luck

It was tough for me too then one day it just all clicked!

Unfortunately it is a trick that just takes a lot of practice - carefully watch that video again for any subtle movement you may be missing.

Ed’s advice above is pretty good too.

Key factors:
Keep your hands directly on top of each other and the string perfectly straight up and down.
When you make the up and down motion your hand needs to go straight up and down - the yo-yo is simply bouncing between those two strings.

And lots of practice - it is a hard trick - we have met pros who still have a hard time doing this one perfect!

As someone said earlier, the first Boing is the most important. Make sure to have enough force on the first boing and to hit in the center of the string. From there it becomes a matter of making sure that all the axes are aligned, and rhythm.
On axes:
The angle of yoyo vertically (Is it tilted?), angle of string vertically (Is the mount leaning towards or away from you?), angle of yoyo horizontally (Is the yoyo twisted in relation to the mount?), angle of string horizontally (Is the mount twisted in relation to the path of the yoyo?), and the PATH OF YOYO IN MOTION, all of these must be ONE line. Doing the trick eye level and looking down the string like a gun sight makes this easier.
On rhthym:
I tend to think of the motion not so much as a “boing”, which would be a constant bouncing, but a series of pulls and releases. These pulls don’t neccessarilly have to be a constant speed, but do need to coincide with the specific points in the yoyo’s travel. In short, you PULL until the yoyo hits the center string and RELEASE until it reaches the end of it’s movement on the other side.
This is how I learned it.
Now that i can do it, though, I sort of lean everything back toward me and kind of let the yoyo “fall” back to me after each “boing”.

One more note. When you do this trick slowly, the yoyo will twist ion the string. You have to turn the mount accordingly or the yoyo will pop out of the two strings.

You can see both of these here.

It took me about a half day of practice, then I woke up the next day and I could do it amazingly, just keep at the practice :slight_smile:

Thanks guys in soaking this all in and will give it a go tomorrow morning before work. Got any good tips or tricks to make a cool looking combo?

Just baby step it. Get the trick going. Then you can boing and end it with a ripcord so you can get used to stopping the bounce. From there just experiment.

Advice for boingy boing:
Get into the mount without trying to do the trick. Just let the yoyo sit between the strings spinning. Then very slowly, start moving your top hand up and down in little motions. You will see the yoyo begin to move forward and back. You will ‘feel’ the trick much better starting this way. As you get the ‘feel’, you can start making the motions bigger, and the yoyo will go further forward and back. If it messes up, start over. When I was learning this trick, my up and down motions were too shallow and fast. Try to force yourself to slow down and do bigger up and downs, not rapid, shallow up and downs. If you can film yourself, do it. You can see whether your hands are truly going up and down, or forward and back. Up and down only! :slight_smile: Hope this helps!
For a cool combo:
Once you get the boingy boing down, you can roll it right into a mach 5. After a few rotations, dismount and quickly remount and do a rip chord. When this is done, you are in perfect position to do a front mount bind. When done quick and smooth, this combo looks pretty cool!

maybe it helps

but yea, for me it was the same, it just clicked one day with the C3 winning bird. up until then, I did “fake” not good looking ones. now I’m the boing king in my area !

I know people who play for 3 years and can’t do it, and another friend who plays for a few months and can do it almost as good as me.

So I was completely surprised when one day after not trying it for a week or so it just clicked. All those vids really helped out though guys thanks a lot.

I am starting to get the hang of it, but it seems now that the yoyo is spinning counter clockwise and end up as if I through it sideways.