Boingy Boing tips?


Hi, I’m learning Boingy Boing and when I do the up and down motion with my pointer finger (With my pointer finger facing towards my elbow), the yo-yo tends to go side to side instead of forwards and backwards. Any tips on how to get the yo-yo to move forward?


Dude, this is the most annoying trick I have learned so far. lol. Make sure your nth is directly underneath your th and make sure you are moving your th straight up and down not moving your nth at all. The biggest thing is to just keep at it you will get it eventually. Have fun :slight_smile:


Yeah when I move my TH my NTH also wants to move. I’m able to do the boings by moving my pointer finger towards me and away from me but that’s not what Andre does in the trick video. I guess I just need more practice! I have done a few small boings but usually the yo-yo falls out of the two strings.


Yes this is exactly how it was for me. The only thing that really helped me was practicing it. I wish there was a tip or something that I could say that would help you instantly get the trick but unfortunately this is not that kind of trick. But just keep working at it and it will come to you and in the end it is a really fun and impressive trick.


Out of the list of “Advanced Part 1” tricks, would you say it is one of the hardest ones?


Line the strings up in a straight line, after the sb mount and before the first thrust to make the first boing. This tends to help, as well as doing the move Andre does to make a smaller space to escape (the first rolls in split the atom?). One last tip. It can be easier to learn the pass motion by starting with the over under boing. That also needs straight strings, but then leads into og boing. Good luck.



Boingy Boing is definitely seems to be one of those tricks people either love or hate! It’s one of my favs.

It’s all about the rhythm. Timing the motion of your hands going up and down is key. My tips are use a wide yoyo to start, and try starting the boings small and down towards your NTH. As you get it going, raise the yoyo up to the midpoint.

But yeah, mostly just keep at it, and you’ll fall in love! :smiley:


When you move your throw hand pointer up and down do you also press your thumb down against the string?


I don’t. I just tried it that way, and was able to do it fine, but I find it better with my thumb off the string.


I practiced the trick today, I sorta got it 1 time but the majority of the time the yo-yo bounces up and down (like dribbling a basketball)


Ah, OK. Try putting your NTH out away from you a bit. That way gravity will make the yoyo lay against the back string. When you pull up, it will pop it towards the front string. I think that will help you get the feel of what’s supposed to happen when you pull up and down on your TH. As you get better, transition into a more vertical arrangement of your hands.


I hate how trite the advice sounds that it just takes working on until you get the feel, but I it’s kinda true. A lot of the tips here are helpful for feeling things out, though, for sure. Also, I’ve been finding the some other site tutorials useful finicky tricks like this or spirit bomb for additional pointers and advice.


To myk - thanks! I just read your advice to put the nth out a bit - what a difference that makes. A much better boing than I have been achieving.



Do a few barrel rolls (or atomic bombs as it’s named on YYE) to make the distance between the strings smaller between boings. This helps keeps the momentum going after you do your first boing.

Speaking of barrel rolls, start the boing right after you roll off the barrel roll while the yoyo still has momentum. If you stop the yoyo to make sure the string is lined up or whatever before you try to start the trick, it’ll be harder to get it going.


Yeah, my advice to have the NTH out a little, can actually be a bit of a workaround to this, but ultimately, it should all happen “Alpha Style” as they used to say. Does anybody say that anymore?