Boingy Boingy HELP!!!

I am having the worst trouble with Boingy Boingy and it is so frustrating >:(. I get the whole Concept of the up and down with the finger and keep the Yo lined up with the string. I thinks it’s Up, Down As it goes forward then Up, Down as it goes Back all done in fluent motion. I get that, but actually doing it. I have trouble with the Yo wanting to slide down to my non throwhand. Is it all in the momentum and inertia that keeps it from sliding down. I’ve tried doing the whole pratice the back and forth, Up and Down With out the string and I’m having trouble getting to go back and forth while moving my throw hand up and down. My Throw hand wants to go back and forth too. is there a way I can break this habit as well as keepin the yo from sliding down. PLS help with any input, tips, and tricks. Anything will help, Thank You. If it will help, give me a cpl days and I’ll try to post up a vid of me trying. KeyWord Trying to do a Boingy Boingy.

These were helpful tips I discovered:

  1. Don’t move your NTH during boingy-boing
  2. Concentrate on feeling the weight of the yoyo hitting the string. You can almost do this with your eyes closed. The up and down movements are in response to feeling the yoyo hitting the string. Eventually you’ll get into a rhythm. I don’t think practicing the motion without the string and yoyo would be helpful.

This is a tricky one for many people to learn. Many give up. Don’t give up; you will get it.

I know apetrunk will do it later so i’ll save him the trouble. Please seach a topic like this before posting. There are plenty out there that could probably awnser your question.

Boing boing took me forever and a day! i know the feeling , you know your setting up the trick correctly and doing everything right its just not coming together. It seriously is just repitition until you get that feel for it. It took me so friggin long to get the motion down. TRUST ME man keep practicing you will!!!

What I did when I was first trying to learn the trick is I’d go into the split-bottom mount and then do a couple of barrel rolls. After I did those, I’d start into the actual boingy boingy. Hope it helped.

its all about the first “boing”. Keep the motion going and you should get it.

I appreciate all the help and I do mean all the help. I’m like border-line there. I get started with maybe 1 or 2 bounces and then blahhhhh lol. So close I can barely tasted it, just waiting for that so called FEELING. I tend to want to start moving my Throwhand back and forth with the Yo-Yo instead of up and down.

Just like Thatyoyokid said, doing a couple of barrel rolls will probably help get the feel of it. I had trouble with that trick as well, but the one thing that helps me even today when I do the trick is as I hit the split bottom mount, instead of raising all the strings and yoyo vertical and what not, keep on swinging forward rather than stopping at the vertical position. So coming from the split bottom mount, don’t stop at the vertical position but swing forward which gets you your first “boing”. Then you really gotta get that feel right there or it will die. Another suggestion could be to look at the trick from the side just moving your body. If you move your hands your momentum will die. Hope this helped! Good luck!

Here is a tip that might help you that helped me. When I first tried to learn this trick, I found that using my throwhand to swing the yoyo forward a little bit into the taut string made it bounce back and hit the back string too. After that, use the momentum to continue the swinging motion. Hope this helps.