Boing E Boing Help


hey guys,

im having some trouble with learning boing e boing. i have the split bottom mount down pretty well and the problem im having is the motion to make the yoyo go back and forth. do you guys have any tips for getting the hand motion for this trick?



try over exaggerating the motion then bring it down to a comfortable level…just takes practice


Don’t try bouncing it quickly to start.

Make slow exaggerated (Renozuken said.) bounces and just try to get the flow of things.

This trick takes time. Don’t give up.


cool thanks ;D

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… Seriously though, these threads really might help you out. They all had your saaaame issue.

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Dont get use to moving your bottom hand just move your top hand .
You just pull it up and down and you practice it.
it’ll get to you.
Just REMEMBER , NO MOTION Bottom Finger Lots of Motion Bouncing wise top finger.


Boingy is an up and down motion… Not back and forth, not side to side…


^^^^^^^ this!!! Up and down slowly, till you can feel the rhythm in the yoyo bouncing. Don’t get frustrated, it takes a while to get down. I didn’t learn how to do it well until I could do spirit bomb. It takes time to learn, but once you do, it just clicks and it seems so easy all of the sudden.