Boingy boing

I’m trying to do boingy boing but the yoyo keep going out of the two strings and I don’t think I have the right motion either. If somebody could help me it would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Learning this also.
Try lining the strings up more in the middle of the yoyo, the motion takes lots of practice, even though it’s just up and down :smiley:

I had trouble with this one 2. A pointer I would give is to not try to do this trick slow. At first it will seem like your timing is off. After a while you start to get the feel for how the yoyo will react. Keep at it!

Do a bunch of barrel rolls first to shorten the string then do boings, it’ll make it so much easier… Like 5-7 should do the trick. And then you can slowly progress from there. If you still can’t do it after doing 5-7 barrel rolls, try to just make the yoyo bounce back and forth between the strings very slightly, don’t go all out boings, just tiny ones, just to get the yoyo moving, and get the rhythm down. Once you get that you can increase the length between boings and reduce the amount of barrel rolls you do until you can do the whole trick full speed without any barrel rolls.

Copy and pasted what I stated in the “What trick are you working on today” thread, I’m guessing you missed it :wink:

Very hard trick to master! I jumped through from beginner to most of the expert tricks in under two months and never got this one down just right until one day standing in the kitchen just trying it as the last trick before taking yoyo off my finger to eat dinner. I found myself trying this trick right before I was about to quit a throwing session many many times. I would get a few rotations sometimes and sometimes I would just flat out fail to keep the throw between the strings. But that one day in the kitchen was the point when it just finally worked. Then from then on it kept getting better ( only been a few days maybe a week ) but I still don’t have it down perfect.

For what’s its worth, I’ve searched, read, and watched every tut I could find on this trick just because it annoyed me so so much. I found many tips but think the best one is momentum. How fast you raise and lower your throw hand finger while it is in sync with the forward/backward motion seems key to me. But there are also many other tips:

Keep the momentum up when getting into the first boing

Keep the strings perfectly horizontal with th and nth

Keep your nth a little farther out away from you so the angle of the string isn’t at a perfect 90* angle

Using a shorter string distance like the barrel rolls mentioned above

Keep your throw hand wrist/arm/finger level when moving it up and down

Best but not least practice practice practice as it will come at some point if continue trying to perform it.

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Don’t be frustrated if you can’t do the trick for what seems like months. This one just takes a long time, even if you practice it frequently. It took me 2.5 years into yoyoing before I got the correct motion to execute the trick. But the tips mentioned already should help.

midlifeyoman has already stated most of the tips I would have for you, especially the one about momentum. Let me add one more thing along those same lines:

I chose not to “balk” at this trick and got results FAST. Sure, some people (I think Andre, even?) recommend doing wee little boings to begin with until you understand the motion. After my experience, I would say at least TRY just “going for broke.” One day I was working on the trick, getting a bit frustrated, and then just did two things out of impatience:

  1. Went right into the boing, like midlifeyoman says… I didn’t line up the yoyo between the strings and then start boinging, I did the split bottom mount and as the yoyo swung forward again, I did the throwhand boing motion.

  2. Just kept doing the boing motion. The yoyo popped out of the strings after a try or two, but after a few “going for broke” attempts like this, the motion made sense.

From that point, it just became a matter of practicing alignment so that my yoyo wouldn’t pop out.

I guess I’ll just practice it a couple of time a day and time will do the rest. The most frustrating part is that two days ago I could do it almost perfectly but now I’m back at the start line.

i started to learn boingy a few months ago, but i quit because it was just frustrating and i didnt really like frontstyle overall… after reading this thread i tried it again and now i got it pretty nice in just one day (a few hours).
the barrel rolls trick is pretty sweet, it helps a lot, but i would say try with the long and the short string, i found it to be easier with the short, but hit it with the long really smooth for the first time, so just try the long every once in a while.
and starting with the yoyo not moving in between the strings is a lot harder than going with the momentum from swinging in.

so thats just my experience from learning it myself… now i maybe can make some front combos for the first time^^

It seems impossible for me until I watched this :

That’s how I got Boingy Boing nailed. Learn to get the feel of up and down motion to control the yoyo moving back and forth. The video shows how to train to get the feel.

Cheer up :smiley: Once you got boings down its really a cool and nice trick to do, I’m gettin a lil addicted to Bongs now, haha

Thanks for your help guys! I’m capable now of doing a couple of boings!

I have a few extra tips:

  1. If boinging from the front does not seem to be working, throw a breakaway and mount from there. Sometimes a different angle will give you a new perspective to see things better. In other words, boing from the side instead. If it works for you that way, you can always revisit the front style later.

  2. I could boing fast, before I could boing slow. I recommend trying different speeds of the rhythm to see if you might find one easier to consistently boing.

  3. After you mount, when you have those few strings in your throw hand, pinch them with your thumb. It keeps them from moving around and keeps things in line. It “might” help.

Good luck. It’s my favorite trick.

All good tips. I have also had limited success with getting into the Mach 5 mount and boing from there. That keeps the yoyo inside the strings and helps you get the rhythm.

Pinching the strings with your thumb could help in the very early stages, but ultimately to do the trick you will have to let go of that pinch. The mechanics of the trick rely on that string lengthening and shortening as it moves forward and back. The throwhand finger moving up and down is what allows that lengthening and shortening to happen.

I’m having trouble with this too, so I also appreciate all the tips people are posting!