YoYo trick Boingy Boing

I watched the video over and over and when i try it the yoyo falls out of the strings holding it in it falls out when I try the motion and I don’t get that either. I need help

This trick is one of those “Looks so easy” but the reality is that it’s one of those “It will aggrevate you” kind of tricks. The hardest part is actually finding that rhythm. But once you got the yoyo going, it will actually stay in the strings because that momentum you built up. Because the yoyo will be moving pretty quick, it should just stay between the strings. Once you get better at it, you can try increasing speed, slowing it down, etc whilst doing the trick.

What helped me was actually doing a somersault (that you learned from Split the Atom) into that first boing. Not only does it look cool and add a little flare to the trick but it gives you some nice momentum for that first boing. The first boing is actually pretty important.

Another thing I tried was actually going into a trapeze and doing it that way first. It allowed me to see what was going on from the side and find that rhythm. Once you get the trick down though, then you can hop right into other variations of it and have no problems keeping it going…like doing it in a Green Triangle, or even in a wrist mount!

Hope this helps, and lastly, keep your fingers parallel with each other, that will definitely help keep the yoyo in the string.

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Keep the strings straight. Watch where the yoyo and keep it going straight.

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Is going*

This is a pretty tough trick to master in the beginning. It may feel like you want to throw the yoyo forward and backward, the trick is to pump the string straight up and straight down.

Once you get the trick going, just focus on the up and down motion and keep the momentum going. Otherwise, the string opens up and the yoyo pops out.

I’ll add to the chorus. Line up your strings with the direction of your motion. It might help to hold it right in front of you so you can look down them like a site.

As for the rhythm, I hit it once by accident and then I knew it. I have no useful advice for that except to keep trying.

What helped me nail the rhythm was a tutorial that suggested moving the yoyo forward and back with an up and down motion without the split bottom mount. Do it slowly and steady. You don’t have to do it in the mount right away. Just practice moving the yoyo back and forth with that up and down motion and soon you’ll be ready for the one in the split bottom mount. You’ll be boinging in no time ;D

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Boingy Boing is such a fascinating trick. For a while there I could do it, then for weeks I couldn’t and this cycle repeated for many months until one day I could do it permanently. It’s the only trick I’ve had that experience with.

I actually do the boing e boing with the yoyo going up and down instead of side to side. Kinda weird I know. But that’s me. Haha

That’s actually how I first started doing it, then gradually changed it to a 45 degree angle. Now the yoyo moves side to side with strings vertical. Doing it at the 45 degree angle was what I call “training wheels” for me as I knew the yoyo was going to fall back onto the back strings while still being able to work on that momentum.

Another thing I used to do once I got it vertical was that I’d take my top hand and kind of move it forward and backward until I finally found the rhythm.

You guys are like wizards. It’s considered more difficult to boingy-boing vertically!

Yeah, this trick is an interesting one. This was a staple trick for a while and now I have lost the rhythm. I think the main issue is overthinking the trick.

Sigh :grinning:

Came out darker than I expected, my phone used to be amazing with video but lately…

Anywho, I mentioned about doing a somersault before going into the trick, this helps gain momentum.

Great Boing, AG!

Next up for you: over/under boingy-boing. Take that boing to the next level. :wink:

That is some extreme “kick-back” on your front throw. What yoyo are you using? Are you using thin string? I don’t think I’ve ever seen kickback like that!

YYF Too H.O.T and normal kitty string

Yea that kickback, quite a hard throw that probably wasn’t needed. That Hot is quite a powerful throw.

I’ll to Over Under on my next break in slow motion… Actually the whole work day today has been in slow motion, lol.

Here’s some (not as perfect, almost had a snag) Slow Motion Over Under Boingy Boing action for you! Mid trick I had a near snag but managed to save it and keep going. This one still needs work but I have it going pretty solid considering :slight_smile:

I’m guessing my bottom hand should be doing the changing position and not relying so much of the top hand to change the elevation of the trick, just some more kinks to work out with this.

Over/under snags are the worst. :slight_smile:

OK, so the next stop for you isn’t over/under after all! It’s Protrusion!

Ok, you got me there, but that one looks like it’s worth checking out. I tried it before (and failed) but am willing to give it a shot, will practice this alongside my And Whut I’ve been working on the past couple days.

As far as other Boingy variations I can do:

GT Boingy
Boingy in Wrist Mount
Boingy in a Trapeze

And more about that mega kickback, that normally doesn’t happen when I throw, but it’s kind of something I do when getting into this trick for some reason. Not sure why, but it’s something that just feels comfortable and feels like it gives the trick some “force” so to speak.

Ok. So I got this trick back. Phew. I didn’t do it for a while and lost the rhythm.

This is such a fun trick to throw in the middle of a run of tricks.

Nice YouTube videos by the way! Those are some rad variations.

I like this version of the boing e boing. http://youtu.be/zR9ytmqC73Q