having trouble with boingy boing

Hey all. I know there have been posts for this trick already but i am having so much trouble with this trick. I dont know what to change. Every time i go to do the trick i cant seem to get it to go back and forth. Plus after it gos forward. On the way back it seems to pop out from inbetween the strings. The part that is even mire confusing for me is i was actually landing the trick part of yhe time for 2 days and then all of a sudden the next day it was like i forgot how to do the trick all together. If anybody could give me any advuce i would really appreciate it. I am having a bunch of trouble

  1. Keep slight tension between both hands

  2. Don’t try “swinging” the yoyo

  3. Gently rock your top hand

  4. the yoyo should gradually accelerate into a “boinging” repetition.

The major part of boingy boing is using your throw hand to hop ONLY in an up and down motion. No side to side or swinging or adjusting, or maneuvering. Do absolutely nothing with your throw hand other than moving up and down.
Too much tension in the string or holding the mount too tightly will make it have issues bouncing. Too much slack and too loose will not keep it within the two strings (the popping out you are experiencing).

Do not lose faith! In a month you will wonder why you ever had trouble with this. Some people find this is the great hurdle to master level Yoyoing. So don’t give up!

Everyone’s different, but I could NOT learn this by getting into position, and then starting with small TH motions, building up to a full boing.

It only clicked (and it clicked QUICKLY) when I decided to go for broke. Use the momentum from the transition from split-bottom and keep it going. Think of “pulling up” as launching the yoyo, and then as soon as you’ve pulled that trigger, let it go down, and then launch again.

In other words, combined with using the momentum (for me, the most important part), think of it as a series of “ups” instead of “up/down/up/down” and let your brain just naturally do the down part as a “reset” before another up. If you’ve done boxing or martial arts, you know that you think about the punch, and then your hand should just come back to guard. Yes, you have to practice doing it consciously a little bit, too (especially if you’re pulling it back to the wrong position!) but for the most part you’re thinking about the punches, and the ‘back go guard’ part is just intuitive and natural.

When I was first learning this trick I found it very hard to keep the appropriate tension between my top and bottom hand while getting a feel for the up and down motion required. One thing I did that made it a lot easier was to take my thumb on my throw hand (The top hand) and pinch the top strings. This makes it a lot easier to keep the yoyo centered while you get a feel for the motion. Once you get the motion down you’ll find you can stop pinching the strings and it will still work and you’ll actually have even more control. Hope that helps.

Thanks guys for the great advice. I will try what you have suggested and keep you guys up to date.

I would try doing some barrel rolls first and then try it, it makes it way easier to keep it in between and then gradually do 1 less barrel roll until you are able to do it from the split bottom mount. It takes a ton of practice BTW