boingy boing!!!!!!!!please help!!!!!

Help guys i have done much harder yoyo tricks but i just can’t seem to do the boingy boing the yoyo won’t just bounce plus i do the boomerang perfectly are they the same motion or is it my yoyo even though i have an 888x and ive done tricks that requie more spin time that the boomerang.

It’s a rhythm you’re going to have to get used to. It takes practice and lots of it. Make sure you’re keeping your axis lined up. Also make sure you’re moving your hand up and down instead of trying to make it swing and boing.

I practiced and practiced this one and couldn’t get it for the longest time. One morning I woke up and tried it then all of a sudden I had a “feel” for the trick. Ever since then I’ve been able to do it.

You just have to keep tying and one day it’ll click for you. I suggest working on it daily but also work on other tricks too don’t let this trick hold you back.

lol im perfecting the spirit bomb and im JUST getting this :D. just make sure the strings on your top hand are right beside each other, touching if possible. make sure your bottom hand is lined up with the top hand, and do a up and down motion with your top hand (but not down so much it creates slack, enough to unrestrict the yoyo by keeping your hand in place). hope i helped ;D

Yeah I think this trick gave everybody a hard time at first. It took me FOREVER to get it. I think the key (besides having the strings lined up right) is getting that bounce STARTED. So after you hit the split bottom and start to bring your non throwhand pointer down, the Yoyo moves forward, you try to continue that momentum by pulling up as soon as it hits the front string, as a result it bounces back. Then you just continue the up and down motion and you got it. It’s just getting it started that’s hard.
I really hope this helps! I was way stoked when I first got it.

This trick is so different to learn. The more you concentrate on it and the harder you work, the harder you fail. Once you understand what needs to happen just start throwing it into what you’re doing and go for it. Don’t sweat it, just go for it. All of a sudden you will hit it once. Once is all it takes. After that it’s just smiles and giggles.

A guy at work showed me how do it by balancing a dead stringless yoyo on the bottom instead of your hand and practicing the bounce. So you’d have you one thats spinning and the other replacing your non-throw hand after you get into split bottom mount. I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet but he was able to do it with my genesis and and dead flea. It just takes a ton of practice and lined up strings. Also try a few barrel rolls first. I’m still working on it too man.

Maybe we should have a special section created for Boing-E-Boing therapy. Haha

Put a yoyo in a shopping bag and pretend that your actually doing the trick. I found that this really helPed me get it down.

why does the yoyo have to be in a shopping bag? why cant i use just a shopping bag with a rock?

How many boingy boing help threads are there??

too many. brandoide is probably gonna count for us :stuck_out_tongue:

Because not everyone has a rock?

go outside and find some :stuck_out_tongue:

How i got it is weird i did it first in a green triangle the i could do it from the split bottom mount, but i say keep practicing and you will get it eventually.

I woul say the first response to this thread was right on. You just get it one time and then you repeat that over and over till it becomes easy. It just clicks one time and then you keep going.

Way too many.  :-\

If I see another Boing-e-Boing thread, I’m going to throw up all over my keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s this thing called the search button: You should try it sometime!

I’m not trying to sound mean, but how hard is it to just search your problem before you make a new thread about it? We do not need a million threads on the EXACT same issue. Just search for your problem first, and if there’s no duplicate [or multiple duplicate] thread(s), THEN make the thread. It’s that simple.

I agree. It can get frustrating answering the same questions over and over, but there are some things to consider:

1)Often times such threads are started by newer members. They are excited to have found a spot to share their love of of yoyoing.
2)It may be the first forum they have ever been a member of so “search” and other functions may not be the foremost obvious solutions to their problem.
3)If you look at the first posts of most members you will find that the answers to many of their questions were available before they joined. An example would be “bearing removal.”
4)If you see a thread on something that has been addressed numerous times you have some choices:
a. Read it and offer advice if you have any.
b. Ignore it because you have seen similar threads before.
c. Comment on how awful it is to see the same threads again and again.(But you did choose to read it!)
5)Members that have learned to use “search” and other functions could share their knowledge of the forum via pm.

As for me I will answer questions as directly as possible if I choose to respond and if seeing a thread again annoys me I wont even read it. I’ve done it both ways and will continue in this manner. I’m certainly not immune to a forum blunder now and again. Are any of us?

OOPS…forum blunder! This was a thread jack! Back to the topic.

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Hey, that’s weird. I just mastered the Boingy-Boing today!!!
Well, anyway, try watching the under over boingy-boing video and practicing the motion without having to worry about keeping your hands straight.

wow, you can do boingy boing forever? hmm, if you just mastered it, than that means i suck at it :stuck_out_tongue: (which im moderately god at it just so you know)

What does that mean??? "boingy boing forever???
I have no idea what you mean about the whole thing.