1 Year

1 fun year of throwing. Hope for many more.

Thanks for watching!
Feedback is appreciated.



You have great flow and combos, especially for just 1 year. Are those original tricks?


Yes, they are all original tricks.

Pretty awesome. I definitely was not that good after 1 full year. Very smooth!!

Basically what I aspire to after a year.

Nicely done. I like that bind you use most often. I get to the end of a combo and still default to a basic bind because I want the yoyo in my hand instead of dead. :wink:

The way you’ve tied a lot of elements together is well done.

I agree with this. The bind fits nicely and the trick elements fit together well.

Now if only I can do that in 5 more months…

Great stuff!

Wow, only a year, huh? I’m right behind you–will be a year towards the end of April. Great stuff!

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Just keep practicing all the time, and you’ll get better and better. Stick with it, I’m sure you’ll be better than me when you reach your 1 year mark

Which bind are you talking about? The one where I kinda throw it up and out and it comes back?

Thanks! I somehow forgot to put in the clip of daffodil I had. Huh. Will have to see if I can re-upload it with the clip included.

Thanks! Any plans for a vid for your 1 year yoyo anniversary?

Yeah. It’s kinda like a guy wright/sky bind looking thing.

Really good especially since you’ve only been yoyoing for a year.

That’s the one.

Good flow man! Awesome video, keep it up! ;D

That’s AMAZING! I used to throw back during the Great YoYo Craze of '97-'00; even competed (8ys old) at the '99 Yomega Y3K Tournament. I placed 1st in the 8-16 age group and took a pretty high raking overall for how young I was. Around 2months ago I met Jake Bullock at the campus I study at. I had no clue who he was since its been 12+yrs since I last threw. I was AWESTRUCK by not only his insane 5A, but also by how much the entire “yoyo world” evolved over the years (Metal YoYos w/ giant bearings that slept for minutes on end???) how??? Anyway I’ve been throwing nonstop, any opportunity no matter locale and I whip out the Weapon! Ur an inspiration for someone like myself…

It’s a really easy bind once you learn it. I could probably make a tutorial for it if you want.

Thanks guys!

That’s so cool! Yeah, we’ve moved a long ways from just looping. So many newfangled contraptions, and yoyos are one of them! Do you have any videos of you competing at the tournament? That’d be really cool to watch!

Actually, now that I watch it again, They’re all original except for one. I used “Riggs Tower” which was created by Slade Riggs on the forums.

That would be fantastic. :slight_smile: Thanks!

Wow just one year? Good stuff man, I really enjoyed this video. Way passed were I was at one year. You should use a longer string…

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