8 Months Yo-Yo Video


Hey everybody,
I just uploaded a yo-yo video, please let me know what you think.(I have been yo-yoing for a little over eight months.)



Nice man. That yo-yo is really loud! lol.

btw. I love the duck in the background


Nice vid man! That yoyo sounds like a bearing out of hell. ROFL


I can’t see the string very well… Maybe next time you could choose a better background and string colour…
Zooming in a little might help…
And for the tricks…
It’s a great tricks… Smooth it out and it will be much better…
And learn to bind backward… So that you don’t have to turn around every time to bind…

It’s good for 8 month… :wink:


I would like to ask two questions, “Would using a responsive yo-yo help me smooth my tricks out?”, and “Do you mean to bind from trapeze or to bind after popping it off trapeze?”. If you mean popping it off trapeze, I tried searching for a tutorial on how to do it, but I could not find one. If you know of one, could you please send me a link?

(Mitch) #6

Nice video bro… Check these binding tuts…




yay for Brett


Does everyone take eight months to get that good? Do most people take more time? Less time?

(Shisaki) #9

If you think about it, does it matter? Some people take less time some take more. Also…

G-rated please?


Would using a responsive yo-yo on my tricks help smooth them out?

I don’t know how everybody else does, but it is different with different people. Some people take years, and some people finish all the tricks real fast, so I just practice at my own pace.
I hope this helps.

(Mitch) #11

Umm… As far as smoothing out, probably not… Practice will though… Practice till your hands bleed!! Then get a band-aid and practice till you bleed through it!! Then you schould probably take a break…


I think you can pull off more tricks on one throw, it’s pretty good

(Kei) #13

Alright Keb! I was waiting for a vid from you. Great work, just keep practicing and getting smoother!

(Q) #14

Good job KEB my man!


Thank you everybody for your posts. I now know what I need to improve on, so hopefully I would be better by my next video. ;D (maybe after the nine month mark)