any girl yoyoers out there?


hey is there any girl yoyoers? out there on the forums? cause i feel like I’m the only one out there so basically speaking if your a girl or if you know one and does yoyoer please reply back! don’t be shy!


I thought I’d bump this up for Abby as there hasn’t been a single response. Surely Abby’s not the only girl out there. I know I have corresponded with one poster via PM who I know was very much a girl because I met her.

If we can’t find any other girls out there we may need to initiate a recruitment campaign.


I know that Ace_yoyo is a girl!

I’ve talked to her before, she is very nice.


Coty michelle she started/helped start another forum/store and is an awesome person


Totalartist qualifies.


well of course

I still find it a bit discouraging that only guys have pointed out girls they know of. No girl has step up and said “Yeah, here I am over here.”


hey Abby, i’m about to ask the same question. finally i meet other yoyoer girl :slight_smile:


I debated posting because of the word “girl.”. I’m one of those literal types. The OP is in her teens, so I didn’t know if old ladies qualified. If it said women or female, I would have been the first poster. If she changes it to female, I think more will chime in. If a male teen posted looking for “boys,” he might not get the grown men to chime in. I think that’s why there were crickets. Good to know the females are out there. ;). Also, this is a separate thread, but some would not refer to themselves as a “yo-yoer” if they are not good at it. “Girl” and “yo-yoer” make you wonder if you fit. I play with yo-yos, and collect to an extent, but I would not describe myself as a yo-yoer at this stage. That needs a spinoff thread.


When you get to be my age any female under 40 is a “girl”. Lolo Jones is a girl and she is 30…and oh my land, what a girl she is!

As to your second point, which I suppose does truly belong in a separate thread. I’m a yo-yoer. A rather inept and pathetic one to be sure, but a yo-yoer none the less.


Wow thank goodness about this now I’ve met some people this makes the world somewhat not so sure but hmmmm


I read that and cracked up. Well, I looked at the OP’s profile, saw her age, and presumed she wanted to connect with other teens. I was going to PM and ask to be sure though. I didn’t want to do the “I’m thirty-something and mess around with yo-yos” thing. If I was her, I wouldn’t be too interested in that response. But, on second thought, at least she would get a bump out of it. I corresponded with a few other people I thought were females because of their names, but it was not confirmed in any way.

If a guy walked up and said, “I’m a baller.” I would presume not only does he play basketball, he’s good at it too. I think Ann Connolly is a yo-yoer. I play with yo-yos, hoping to be a yo-yoer someday.

I must say that not blowing my cover has it’s advantages though. You guys say some of the funniest things in PMs when you don’t realize you’re talking to a female. It’s nothing bad, but I get a kick out of the way guys communicate with other guys. I can’t go into detail here, but it is truly entertaining at times. Being gender neutral is so much more fun on a forum, trust me. :D. You guys should join some forum with like 95% females, and don’t mention you’re a dude. You would get some good laughs.

When you guys post threads about your wives and girlfriends, I chime in, but I can’t say I’m an expert on the woman’s point of view anyway cause women are so diverse. Even in that context, it does not seem relevant to let people know I am a female. I guess this is another spinoff thread, but I always wondered if I should go screaming, “I’m a female,” because in most contexts it does not seem relevant for me as an individual on the forum. I think it is good to see women at contests and such, but on a forum, I never deemed it relevant. My comments should not have more weight or less due to the fact, so I don’t scream it out there generally. I have had extensive conversations with males in PMs, and at that juncture I make it clear, because people should know the gender of someone they are corresponding to that long. I just gauge when I should make it clear. Spinoff thread! :smiley:

I’ve found the guys to be complete gentlemen, and my best yo-yo friends are guys. I also don’t think women “need” to befriend other women. I’ve found enough great guys. I have enough women friends who do other things. I work around mostly guys, so I’m comfortable around them. Guys the OP’s age are more difficult to befriend in my opinion, but my age…guys are awesome! Don’t mind the eye candy either ;).


yeah i agree with that theres lots of great guys but what im starting to see is that people are starting to relate yoyoing to a guys hobby not everyones hobby like the first time i went to the yoyo club i went to with my brother the person who runs the club says “oh is your brother going to yoyo?” and i said no i am and they got a shocked face for some reason ??? makes no sense until i relized they never had a “girl yoyoer” in there club


I agree that is unfortunate, because half the population are female, so if you get females yo-yoing, the community expands, not only in audience, but in industry (more people to buy things). I have my thoughts about why you don’t see too many females into it. When I was younger, girls would play in ways that were “fun,” but not competitive. Also, young girls usually play with other young girls, and if none of them yo-yo, they are never introduced to it. Also, you can hurt yourself with yo-yos, especially in the beginning while learning. I never kept really long nails anyway, but I had a few yo-yos return and snap them off. I have to keep them short now. Females who grew up with brothers are probably more likely to yo-yo. I had no brothers, but I was always willing to do something mostly guys do, if it seemed like so much fun.


now, I…I could never get away with that line I don’t think. Well, maybe with that remark about Lolo…


But the funny thing is I got into yo-yoing by myself not by by someone introducing it to me like my brother or sister which isn’t bad I just shows I’m ready to try new things and now that I think about it I’m starting what the girl to guy Yoyoer ratio is cause there not many girls plus like you said earlier about the 30 and 40 year old women yo-yoing now that are in that club so women that are like you said 30 to 40 years old that are like “teach me how to Yoyo pleaassse!!!” it’s sad but true about what you said earlier


I’m just wondering is War Girl a girl? Because her avatar sig says something about like girls you meet on the internet are guys or something like that.


No he isnt if you saw his stick it click win it video he’s not bit don’t worry I thought the same too


;D we’re human, ha ha. I’m going to guess a ratio from what I see at contests here. It looks like 1 female for every 100 males. Abby, I agree, it does seem kind of crazy. I’m wondering if anyone who registers people for competition can confirm details about ratio.


No. He’s using it as a joke because it means “guy in real life.”


I can’t provide hard data of accurate percentage, but I attended the Iowa State competition last year. (I didn’t compete. I as well am not a yo-yoer, just some smuck who owns a lot of yo-yos.) In that competition I don’t know how many male entrants there were, but i do recall there was only 1 female. I also recall not much thought was given to it by anyone. She was just another competitor. Gender had very little notice from anyone. This one thing I will add. I was a complete stranger at that event, there were only a couple of people I had even met before. The young lady there was the only one to initiate a conversation with me on her own. I had to shoehorn my way into conversation with the other people there myself.