Why so few yoyo girls?

I dont understand why there are so few girls that throw. The only ones i can think of are ann connoly, the clyw girl (i forget her name), abby (on the forumns), and Totalartist. I dont get why it appeals to boys so much more than girls.

List so far:

  1. Ann connolly
    2.Nuu Gatowski
    3.Stephanie Haight
    4.Tessa Piccilo
    7.Corli Du Toit
  2. Devon Boulay
  3. Josephina Nesporova
  4. Ulmerisanerd
  5. Mimi Thain
  6. Dreamer
  7. Tasya Ganihina
  8. Betty Gallegos
  9. Ekaterina L’gotina
  10. Aneta Hanzalova
  11. Lilia Markham
  12. Viktoria Takbulatova
  13. Julia Gutowska
  14. Kahli Evans
  15. Selinsu Varol
    24.Adriana Pailova
  16. Sydney Goldman
  17. Emma Ochman
  18. Liqi Seven Yuan
  19. Ana Paola
  20. SketchMan3’s kid-sister
  21. Katelyn Anton
  22. UsagiCat
    And a whole lot more.

Personally I can think of the ones you mentioned (CLYW girl is Nuu Gatowski) and also Stephanie Haight and Tessa Piccillo.

As a girl, I would have to say girls put there interests in what lots of other girls do. They want to fit in. Girls tend to do what the crowd does because they want to fit in because that is where their “status” is. Not many girls yoyo and not many people know about the community so it doesn’t really interest them. And that completely ok. But again, that is just coming out of my point of view it can be for a completely different reason. :slight_smile:

We could come up with more (Corli du Toit for example), but the fact remains that it’s still male-dominated. I couldn’t come up with a reason why, either, but I suspect that kendama, juggling, skateboarding, trial biking (?), parkour, and a bunch of other skill-based hobbies/activities are male-dominated as well.

Scrapbooking and dance continue to be female-dominated.

Sure wish I knew why!

this should give you a few answers the threads now locked but it will give you a few answers it was a popular thread a long time ago but its still a good reference

That thread makes me wonder where Lexos is at! :wink:

There are some good C3 girl players…

And of course their is Andrè’s wife, and probably a bunch of other guys wifes/daughters.

Im not sure why…

Maybe its like football to them? They don’t compete but they throw it around and sell/manage stuff, or help another big name. (Like Andrè’s wife, or Chris’s wife (<clyw)…

There are more than you think:

Ann Connolly, Nuu Gatowsky, TotalArtist, Abby1371, Josefina Nesporova, Corli du Toit just to name a few.

Although, I must agree with you, there are a lot more boys, at least that do it professionally.

^ Very well put. I plan on changing that last bit single handedly. Dons leotard and tap shoes

It seems to me that nowadays not many women/girls have serious hobbies/interests.
Very few of the girls I know, or have met, have had any real interests or hobbies. You get a few that play an instrument here and there, but thats usually about it.

Nowadays if you ask most young women their hobbies/interests it would go “Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Shopping.” I know that’s true for a heck of a lot of guys as well, but nowhere near to the same extent.

I think if you took away social networking and television from this world, we would be so much more productive. Whilst I’m there workout out, yoyoing, playing piano and guitar and whatever else I can hastily fit into my day, my family just sits around watching tv or on their smartphones…

That being said, the women that are throwing are giving themselves an awesome name. The amount of female talent coming out of Europe at the moment is amazing, and I’m sure that having Worlds in Prague next year is only going to get more people interested.

Honestly I think a woman winning worlds would be absolutely fantastic. Abby… Worlds 2017?

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This thread got me to thinking. Are there any well-know Japanese female players? I can’t think of any. With the relative domination of the Japanese (# of world/regional champions / country population); it is interesting that there are no well-known female players from Japan. That may speak volumes.

Yes! Just check out team C3ypyodesign! :wink:

I can’t find a consolidated listing of their team. But it’s worth noting that C3 isn’t a Japanese company and nor do I think the majority of their team are Japanese (though some are!). Do you have a link to a team page of some sort?

I have observed a slight increase in the last few years.

possibly but most likely I will have my name under some company’s belt though soon because companies I just don’t know why just jump on female yoyoers to be sponsored. That and I’m staring to become in my book “a halfway decent yoyoer” That and the difference between me and a “mainstream generic girl” is I have no Facebook, twitter, vine, instagram or cellphone. So I’m not exactly “iPhone or computer savvy” or obsessed with the Internet. That and I really don’t follow trends at all if there’s some new thing or trend going around you will see me most likely doing the exact opposite.

Seeing this thread makes me realize that everyone forgot about me…But idk, most girls I know just aren’t into I. Basically everything that Gambit said is true.

I didn’t! I mentioned Corli by name because she’s a sponsored player, but added that we could add a lot more to the list. I mean, if someone said, “Name 10 male yoyoers!” everyone would assume that “sponsored players” or at least “high profile players who make a lot of videos” would be on that list. I sure wouldn’t be. :wink:

I just didnt know you were a girl!

Ahem… Buko is Japanese and a former World champion. My memory is a bit fuzzy… I think it was 2005 where she placed in the top 3 for BOTH 3A and 5A…? Team Duncan. It doesn’t get much more awesome than that. She is one of those rare players who genuinely is a class act.

yeah but your not on as much as you were a few months ago.

She said:

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That’s because you came on after she changed her username. 'Twould have been obvious before. :wink: