So I am new and I have questions!


My name is Christina, and I am a 27 year old woman living in St. Louis. I’m graduating this December with a doctoral degree in occupational therapy. I also do work for the James Randi Educational Foundation ahd the St. Louis Skeptical Society. I like to yoyo during my lunch break at the medical center I work at in the empty OT gym, or in the biomechanics lab I work at!

I’ve only been yoyoing for about a month, but my favorite yoyo is the Dark Magic. Yesterday I picked up a Pyro Light and it is on its way to becoming my favorite. It’s so pretty and smooth. I also have a Night Moves 4, Hayabusa and a Metal Zero. I used to yoyo a bit in high school, and digging up my old yoyos from the basement sparked a renewed interest.

A few weeks ago I was at the Taste of St. Louis festival and they were having a yoyo contest and Moyo had set up a yoyo booth. I got to play with someone’s 888 and decided hubstacks are way cool.

Of course, I am a little disappointed by the color selection of 888’s at the various online retailers. So, when do you think the 888 X will come out?

It should come out sometime this fall :slight_smile:

Welcome back to the sport! Samad answered your question.

Welcome to the community

Welcome back to the awesome hobby of yo-yoing! If you have anymore questions just ask.

What do you guys think: is yoyoing an art, a hobby, or a sport?

Also, where are all the other girls? It seems like there is one female yoyoer for every 100 guys.

I would say its all of those things.

And we have Kim-Lan, but while talking to here recently she says she hasn’t been throwing lately… :frowning:

I don’t think yo-yoing is art, and I don’t think it will ever be a proper sport (that opinion has been a long, long debate). Yo-yoing is a hobby, but a very passionate one.

Welcome back, by the way.

As far as females go, I couldn’t tell ya why there are not more of them. There was a healthier ratio at the World Yo-Yo Contest, but still much more men.

I think it’s a hobby and an art. JM is right about the sport. I believe it will never become a proper sport, but I think he’s wrong about it not being an art form. Yo-ying is expressive and just like any artist, everyone has there own style, even if they can’t admit it (Samad :P). And a hobby. Well, that’s a given. ;D


It depends…

Its an art,

Its a very competitive sport,

And as you have found out its quite a fun hobby…

Well, on our forums its one female for every 21.5 guys  :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoyoing is a spobby… :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forum!

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In my experiences with hobbies, (Paintballing, Airsofting, Music) yo-yoing has the least amount of females I’ve ever seen, even less than gaming. Off the top of my head, I can only think of four professional females.

Hey there and welcome to YYE

Us girls are around the place and we show up out of the woodwork every now and then. I for one generally spend more time actually yoyoing than looking around and posting on the forums.

On the topic of so few girls that yoyo. I think it take a special type of girl to start yoyoing and to stick with it, so maybe thats why there is only a few. Whenever females appear online or at contests they are probably given more attention than the new guys as there is so few of us, and that could scare a few girls away from it. Also girls tend to get caught up with boys/make-up/school/etc and yoyoing becomes less important to them. Meh, thats just some of the things I think contribute to it, but I’m sure there are many others - but one could ask the question why there aren’t more yoyoers in general?

Anyway, Hi

and they are? ;D

Welcome to the forums…

and welcome back to the yoyo world!!!



Ann Connolly and Farrah Siegel all I know.

I agree with a lot of that.

Yoyoing is a weird thing to most people, and I get lots of strange looks from girls and guys.

In my experience, guys are more open to the unusual then girls.

If I do/like something out of the norm, I’ll get a strange look/critical opinion from I girl.
With a guy, I’ll usually get a great big “AWSOME!”
(Although that could be just because I’m girl… 8))

I tend hang out with guys more often because of that. ;D

Anyway, welcome to the forum!

Totally agree with you Keyara.


Hi, I’m Kahli Evans … there ya go, now you know 3 ;D

There’s Katelyn Anton too, but she just left the Hspin team, and has decided to focus on other things in life for the time being (college, etc.) - based on her post on YYN.

Edit: saw Ann Connolly perform at Nationals, she is really good.

Brad, are you saying you can’t focus on other things in life AND be a professional yoyoer?

Professional isn’t the same as being sponsored. Generally professionals get paid.

This woman is the best been playing yo yo since she was 6. The first yo yo video I ever saw featured her when she was 17 and it amazed me, it’s what inspired me to get involved in this great sport. I still have the VHS and watch it sometimes.