dude there are to many dudes. Kim-lan read this!

Okay I was looking at the yoyoexpert male to female ratio and I was thinking, MAN ITS A DUDE FEST HERE!!! Any body have any ideas on how we can stop this and to get more girls on here. Kim-lan do you know? any ideas shoot em up here.later.

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Lol,I wish more girls would yoyo.

No, I don’t know. Even my mom thinks that yo-yoing is a guy thing and she doesn’t even know a single things about yo-yos.

I don’t think it really matters if there are more girls or not, though.

well it doesn’t really matter i guess i was just wondering why. i think it just makes the sport look a bit odd with the male to female thing. later.

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Just like Kim-Lan said the boy girl ratio is not that important. Plus I think if that happened it would start one of those stupid dating things like the free online rpg’s where random people “hook up.” Plus we already see enough of the could I get a girl with yoyoing gigs. It might be for the better this way and this of course is just my oppinion. No offence to anyone if this does offend.

Yeah, its not so important, but if you see the yoyo contests, almost everyone is a guy ???

I do remember the post we had not to long ago,

“You know you yoyo too much when you think yoyoing will impress a girl at school”

Sooo maybe most chicks just arn’t drawn into the pure awesomeness of it all…

Most sports are actually dominated by men. So it’s not a really big deal.

To me

Not to sound realllly weird, but, men are more dominant than women. I saw many girls do beginners at MA States, well, theres no other way to put this, but, they SUCKED! Kim-Lan, you are probably the only girl who is amazing at yoyoing. (That just might be a fact…)

Well, the world is sexist. In P.E and Gym, the boys have to get a 7:30 mile and the girls have to get a 8:15. Girls are stereotyped as girly-girls that break a nail. There isn’t as many things for a girl to do. One of my friends is a girl (No…) and she plays Football with us and does sports but all of the other girls think she is weird, since girls “never” do sports most sports are dominated my men.


Agreed ^^ I do also wish girls would get into sports more because some of my best friends are girls but they only do like volleball and softball. It would be cool if they started playing football IMO.

To pass, or to get an A? Because if it is to pass, i would fail, even if i were a girl haha ;D lol 9 mins for me to go a mile :frowning:

I got 13 mins for 1.5 miles, and thats above average for most of the people here in Singapore, thats a C for boys, but one min faster than the A for girls here in singapore standards :o Which means one thing: In singapore, if you were a guy who got D, you are a girl who got A. I think its kinda biased.

But for 7.30 for a mile to pass… thats horrible…

it did that’s how me and Tricia meet. She wanted me to teach her and that’s how it all started. I really don’t see why girls don’t play any kind of sport. later.

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Weird. I was just thinking about this yesterday, but you know, breaking a nail seriously hurts.

For me, I need to get like an 11 minute mile, or 10:30, I think. It depends on your age, too, though. I think guys need like 8, 9-ish? I’m not sure.

Personally, I kind of like being one of the few females here. It makes me special. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about you guys, but I really don’t want to hook up with anyone on a yoyo forum.


Hi Kahli, Bu-Ko, Ann, Farrah, Katelyn, Jen, Jen, Caroline, etc

Kahli is even a member here. Hi KaKy!


clears throat

Not trying to debate fact here, but Kahli Evans might possibly disagree with your post, sir.

She is, hands down, my favorite sponsored player outside of Andre Boulay, and the reason I gave Werrd’s stuff a look and became an owner and fan.

Of course, you’re right when you imply that Kim-Lan ain’t exactly a joke, either. She’s got the goods, and the passage of time is only going to make them better. I look forward to potential battles in the near future.  ;D

I’ll be selling the tickets for “The Clash of the 'K’s” when the time comes.

GUys, the time will come when yo-yoing will be loved by everyone. Nowadays, a lot of girls are attracted to B-Ball, Cheer, volleyball, and Softball. The reason is that, girls nowadays don’t know that there are female yo-yoers. Maybe if they found out that there are people like Kahli, Ann, and Farrah then they might join us in the yo-yo community. Right now, it’s not a big deal. Finding a girl that’s not afraid to get calluses and cracked nails is rare these days, but I hope we’ll see less of that. Besides, weren’t André and Devon coworkers for YYJ?

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