dude there are to many dudes. Kim-lan read this!

What kind of girl do you know? That has nothing to do with whether or not they like yo-yoing. And you “crack” you nails while yo-yoing?

Also if by cracking nails, you meant breaking them:

It hurts, you know…It hurts.

It’s possible! Many people like doing midair binds. The yo-yo goes so fast and crack a nail. Happened to me once. Long story; it bothered me for a couple of seconds but I got over it.

You say that you hope there will be more girls that get into yo-yoing, but at the same time you are stereotyping girls and being sexist.

Well, I bet it’s different over at your place, but it’s painful over here. I don’t understand a thing they are talking about. They talk in code that guys can’t understand! Although, they do have neat handwriting and grading their papers is a lot easier. I’m jsut saying, it’s rare over here to find a girl that’s not afraid to have a dried hard part on their skin.

…No comment.

Handwriting has nothing to do with whether you are male or female.

It’s rare over here to find a girl who even thinks about having a dried hard part on their skin. Most people don’t think about calluses.

I’m proud of my callus. Are you?

Chris, if you think that’s how girls are, you need to hang out with them more. Seriously, go to parties, hang out with them at lunch, actually get to know what kind of person they are.

You will find they are people like us. A crazy thought, right? I can’t even believe I’m concocting such thoughts /sarcasm.

I’m surprised you still have this sexist view over girls like that. Honestly, I can think of about 2 girls out of all that I know that fit your description.

And you’re 14? :-\

Imagine this. You are a girl. You don’t yo-yo. You’re walking down the street. Are you thinking, “Oh, I hope I don’t break my nail. I hope I don’t get a callus either.” I doubt it. Most normal people won’t think that. That has nothing to do with whether or not they would be interested in yo-yoing.

I can’t think of a single one.

OK guys i made this post to just see what y’all guys though about thew male to female ratio not to start a fight. Please can you two settle your differences please. And kim your a forum expert, i know you can handle this so get after it. Chris i don’t look at you in a good view any more. later.

Keep it spinning™

Why wouldn’t she be? She plays as hard as the rest of us it seems.

You might be a little threatened by women, I’m thinking. I hesitate to use the word misogynistic, but I almost could. Why is this?

Women are people. As in, human beings. Much like yourself.

There’s a touch of passive hostility in your posts in this thread. You might wanna work on that. Take some time and think about whether or not girls just confuse you, or anger you. Be honest about it, if to no one but yourself.

As for the rest of you, keep this civil. It’s dangerously close to crossing the line into ugliness no one wants to see.

What do you mean “midair” binds? Because i’ve never cracked a nail from binding lol, but i got a bruise on my toe nail before.

Yanno… I wish there were more people in general who yoyo’d near me… Chicks or not… But I can kind of agree with Chris because at my school there are alot of athletic girls who dont flip about that kind of stuff.

Agreed,I bet everyone would.

Wouldn’t that be disagreeing then?

Hmm… I guess your right… I mis-read, sorry every one… Well then Chris… I guess I disagree with you…

Hi Everyone…

these posts made me feel good, thankyou.

I wouldn’tcare about it.This is a yoyo forum and it’s about yoyoing so we should focus on yoyoing.Not on silly things like this.

haha you’re taking it too seriously ;D. It doesn’t have to be all about yoyoing. We can focus on other stuff. Its not on the rules that we have to talk about yoyoing. There are hundreds of other topics not related to yoyoing on this forum. Just relax and have fun here. Thats why i come here, because its fun. It’s not always about yoyoing. :wink:

I recall the original thread was there were more guys than girls on this forum. I bet there are a lot fo girls out there that yo-yo, they just haven’t heard of this site. Robert, did you tell your GF about this site yet?

~Spin On

It isn’t that bad. Honestly. I can name… 10 girls I know who aren’t afraid to go on a one week hike. And like 20 who aren’t that bad at sports, or don’t enjoy them.

Too many people are sexist. We try to make it fair, but it’s natural, I guess…