yoyo's and girls?

well over the time i have been yoyoing, everyone says the tricks are cool and i have met some cool people that yoyo, but there has only been one girl, like i mean i know this may sound a little sexist but i just don’t think girls are that much into yoyoing but hey i might be wrong, so heres a topic, and i want you to put in your opinion on the fact, thanks and comment, who knows what people will say.

Well, I quote my friend on this one. “If you get a girlfriend because of that yoyo, I’ll kill myself.”

Girls just generally have different hobbies. When I was a kid, no girls liked Pokemon either… I really don’t know what girls do in their spare time as children, but what they do as teens can actually be stereotyped moderately accurately.

I know of a few girls who have showed interest in it, but never actually tried playing. There are few girls who actually do yoyo seriously, but you don’t see them often.

Liz is on here, Kim-Lan used to be, Phiz, Kahli, Katelynn is on YYN, and Lillith is on Onedrop.

Yup, there’s always the pioneering few.

What commendable bravery!

yeah i talk to liz, and that the only girl that i knew

If you’re talking about Katelyn Anton, she doesn’t really yoyo anymore, if your’e talking about Katelyn Garcia the yeah she yoyos. Lauren Matero can be added to that list along with Elendilandurilz’s girlfriend!

I yoyo sometimes!!
I’m a girl!

Daria Petrova: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNLXcCfdGf8

Ann Connolly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xANrh6K4jsY

two rather cool yoyo girls imo

yeah that is cool vids, i just never really expected girls to be so good, cause i mean i know almost everyone on earth has yoyoed once in there life and about 80% of the girls never continued with it so i guess it’s a good change to see them yoyo

Ann Connoly…possibly the hottest of all yoyoers :wink:

haha thats not why i started this but that is true, and your a girl yoyoer? hmm well thats cool, now i know of two, well and the ones in the video, but i only know 1

Dont forget Farrah Siegel:

Tell me if you guys want me to remove this vid. It is kinda… awkward.

And Corli du Toit:

me?, look at my name MilkMAN

r-r-really? haha this is a site not meant for that! lol but whatever, and naw the videos can stay

Alda Chow, another great girl thrower.

Yea, I meant Garcia, also Jared’s (elendil) fiance :wink:

Is it just me, or is pretty much every girl that yoyos like the epitome of beauty?


one of the most stylish yo-yoers ever, guy or girl.

Ann Connoly, and Daria Petrova. Both in YYF squad ; - P

I like their styles, try “Daria Petrova love tactic”, and “Ann Connoly NYYC” on the Youtube, and check it out, how can the girls yoyo ; - P Now, Ann is 100% better, try looking her fs already in the YYF Squad