Female throwers

There should be more females in yoyoing. There are a few and counting but there should be more. Maybe they think yoyoing is boring?
Anyways, who are your favorite female yoyoers?
Mine are

  1. Ann Connolly (her tutorials are pretty good)
  2. Tessa Piccilo?
    Here are some that caught my attention
  3. Parker Story (Yoyoworkshop)
  4. Tiffany Chu (Radical Seas)

Of course there should be more, but one look at Ann Connolly’s ask.fm page shows you why there’s not. Making more pink yo-yos isn’t going to get girls involved - making the community more friendly and welcoming and less skeevy might.


Tessa is pretty much the only female player I enjoy watching. Her tricks are pretty fresh compared to Ann’s.

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I agree about connolly. You gotta remember that most people see yoyos as a kids toy and is already male dominate. Even when the see how technical it can really be, at the end of the day, it’s still a toy to them. Throwing is becoming more and more popular every day. Maybe then it’ll start leveling the field

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Just fyi, the whole ‘sexism’ issue has been covered here:


Just for everyone’s info, so we don’t all go down that road again. I’m not saying anyone is, but in case people think about putting too fine a point on it, we can already look into the thread above and see how the topic will play out.

Now, with that sorted, #teammimi! #mimi4worlds2016

That being said, there’s no denying Tessa’s insane level skill. She’s leaps and bounds above all the other females imo. If there was ever going to be a female World Champion in the near future, she’s a safe bet.

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Sorr, I meant for this thread to be more of a “Favorite/ Rising female stars thread”. Mimi is also pretty good. :slight_smile:

Such good play by mimi! She’s talented for sure.

yes, tessa and mimi are both AMAZING (underline like, infinite times)

also, i agree with parker, i got to talk to her at ks states and she has some serious potential for within the extremely near future.

Take it from experience. Sometimes going into a totally male dominated sport can be pretty intimidating, especially as a beginner wanting to learn. Hopefully more of us girls can take this up though! I have seen quite a few in European countries I notice.

As for my faves, kind of a split between Hobbit and Tessa. Both of them are leagues above I feel.

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Speaking of Connolly i find that she tends to repeat many of her tricks in contest. And all her tutorials are from tricks others have made. Is that what you meant by unoriginal?

Tasya Ganihina

My fiance is my favorite female thrower. She’s awesome!! Just picked on 4a out of every to choose from. Its cause she’s awesome.

I’m teaching my wife how to yoyo! She has a perfect bind now comes the fun. Ordering her a pink Shu-Ta

I’ll just leave this here

nice, less than one month of 4a and my fiance can already do leg orbits, inner and outer sun. Which makes her my favorite female yo-yoer. I know in 6 months she will be truly amazing.

Dangit you beat me in posting this

Add Maya “Buko” Nakamura. I’m surprised no one posted about her. Top 2 at Worlds in the same year (3A got 2nd and 5A got 1st in 2005) is not an easy task.

Here are a few more-

They are both very good at 2a.