Yoyo couples :)

I’m always happy to see yoyoing couples (married or B/F / G/F).

Are there any here on YYE?

Also, is Yuuki still going out with Ann? He lives halfway across the world from her, so I’m just curious on the relationship.

I don’t know, but my ywets were together for some time, and SLCK wanted to make an honest woman of DRI. I officiated. It was a wonderful ceremony and they still live happily in my case. They may have become a little more tarnished and weathered with age, but their love is MIB.



Thank for not stringing us along with that story. Of course, it doesn’t really have any bearing on anything. I’m sure that will require a response from you.

I think we should return to’p the actual thread topic

I sure hope this story has a nice finish. And soon; it’s kind of grinding on a bit already. I mean, it’s been a blast, but let’s return to the subject at hand…

Lets get this topic rolling or else it will spin out of control! Ano one else have any puns?

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This topic is really getting dethreaded. I can pull some strings to get this threads back on track

I feel throwing in with a fellow yo-yoer would get pretty tense. I feel having two of the same wouldn’t counter weight the relationship correctly.

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Still a better love story than Twilight


to answer the topic me and my gf kinda yoyo me more than her she is still learning on a duncan butterfly lol

My gf got jazzed to throw after cal states, and she seemed so into it, so i bought her a pink custom yelet… She hasnt touched it much :frowning:

Maybe in a few years lol

My wife and I both yo-yo. But she is not a member of this forum.

The Higby’s will forever be best couple.


As soon as Rocket learns how to loop it’s over.

Andre and Devon…hands down the best. A great looking power couple too. 8)

I have yet to see Andre’s wife.

She’s in this video:

Yeah, I know it’s old, and the music was removed, but’s that all I could find with her in it.

My girlfriend and I both yoyo. She’s not on this forum, but is heavily involved in PokeCommunity (a Pokemon forum). She’s actually a fantastic thrower, but is too modest to ever say so.

I’ve traded and sold a few yoyos for her over the years on YYN’s BST and she’s amassed a fantastic collection.

Our relationship works very well when it comes to yoyoing. Whenever I learn something new, I teach it to her and she improves on it in some way. Then, she teaches me the improved version and we both learn more and more. We live together and spend almost 24 hours a day together (we go to the same school, have the same job, and carpool everywhere), so there’s plenty of time to throw together. Almost every time I pick up a yoyo, she’s there doing the same.

I’m actually surprised that more throwers don’t have a partner who’s into yoyos and can’t imagine having someone in my life that didn’t support/understand my hobbies.

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So jealous man. I’ve been looking for a girl like that. Treat her like a Queen man, I’m sure you do.

Also, funny you bring up that forum, I lurk there quite a bit… Mainly for info regarding the Gameboy Games