Negative YoYo Joke



Well, I finally got my first negative joke while I was throwing my yoyo. I brought my YYJ Christmas XCon that I won in a contest from JD’s new store and while nobody was in the club, I put a mix on and went to the lobby and threw it a few times. The lighting tech comes up and laughs and is like really? A 6 year old’s toy? Are you 6 now? I replied, that I wish I could feel like I was 6 with that much energy, I’d yoyo all day if I could do that!

I was hoping that would shut him up, but nope, he went further. I bet that gets you a lot of girls. (Really, I still don’t know why the conversation from him or what others have said on here, goes there. I mean really, if I see someone working on a car, or running, or playing hacky sack, boy I bet that lands you a lot of girls comment never comes to my mind) But yeah, So I bet that lands you a lot of girls comment, I replied, well thankfully I’m married, so I already landed the hot girl, now I can go back to playing a child’s toy and not have to worry about your thoughts on my image. That finally seemed to do it, I thought. But nope, then he goes on about next time I’ll come in with Magic the Gathering Cards or ask him to be a Dungeon Master. At that point I just had to laugh and I just went with it and we talked about Card Games, Thunder Cats, TV shows, and movies. So, it wasn’t a total score, but I guess I handled it all pretty well. I’m glad I was able to think on my feet, but I think it wouldn’t hurt for me to come up with a few sayings so that if I’m ever caught off guard I’ll have something witty to say back.


Wow, that sucks. Well, not everyone can share our sense of enjoyment.

I’m a sound guy, I love my yoyos. I was bored at Sac Horror Film Festival and we needed something to test the UV lights with, so I brought up the UV lights on the dimmer packs and the Par 64 LED UV Can, then hit the stage with my Glow-Nasty. A lot of the people there are with the promoter and collectively, we ALL work together on other shows together, so we’re one big, happy, dysfunctional family of freaks. They were like, “what, a yoyo? Really? Let me try!” Let’s just say I ran out of yoyos and still had hot girls to go around. Next show, I’m gonna have to bring more yoyos. I was doing double or nothing for my staff photographer(another one in these shows as well) and they were impressed. So was I, as I had just started to get it down a few days earlier! Plus, most of us in this group are into something odd anyways, so there’s really no judging each other, we just love each other for who we are. And they all know I’m married.

There’s a dedicated area for people to play the trading game cards at SacAnime, I never make fun of them. The only time I criticize people is when they are doing something clearly unwise, like drugs.

I think he was jealous. I’m proud of my trivial yoyo accomplishments. I don’t care what others think! Well, as long as they think I’m a good sound person, I could care less what else they think. I find it odd that someone who works in entertainment wouldn’t appreciate some other element within the field of entertainment. I don’t know, maybe us sound guys are just big kids inside anyways.


That’s a comment I get a lot. “Does that get you girls?” I always just say yeah, they love it. It’s a weird comment… That’s for sure.


Yea, I used to get the girls comment a lot, never understood it. If I saw some guy juggling or plating frisbee, that wouldn’t enter my mind at all.

Funny thing is, when I used to play in public I used to get loads of attention from girls. But still, it’s not like someone’s going to see you playing yoyo and want to suddenly come home and meet your parents. Mind you, that IS how I met my wife. I was busking, she came up and gave me an Easter egg and said I looked tired, I gave her my business card. Haha… We started chatting, and here we are over 4 years later!

(Raphael) #5

Response to the Girls Comment:

“Nah, yoyo’s are the only thing I sleep with”


I don’t see that as a good comeback but I’ve never had negative comments YET there close though I can feel it.


some guys were sorta teasing me so I did some eli hops a couple centimeters away from his face.


lmfao… yeah thats the way to go … no just kidding

… anyways… i have throwed in the national mall in DC … actually with yoyoavenger … and salzorin … and we all got positive comments … one lady was running and stopped and asked what kind of yoyo we were using … i think salzorin said unresponsive … and she walked away confused LOL…

i also threw in a mall … and people usually just stop and stare … but haven’t heard anything negative from strangers … BUTTTTTT

one of my close friends… always tries to make fun of me for yo-yoing … and i noticed that its only when we are around other people and i talk about it …

but when its just us … he doesn’t really mention it … so i fixed that problem by leaving him out of my world of YOYOsssss

i have other friends who are still amazed!!!

anyways … i think if someone asks me … “hey does that get you girls?” …

I would say … “oh yeah … girls love to play with my YOYOS”… lmfao


I think I’ve only had one slightly negative comment, but it wasn’t meant to be mean, it just kind of was…My buddy saw me throwing my duncan avenger, and he laughed and said, “bet you don’t know bout them shoot the moon’s, do you?” I kind of chuckled back, and threw a trapeze mount then hopped it once…He kind of shut up at that moment…i was kind of lucky that it worked, or else…I don’t even want to know what would have happened. I got lucky, to be honest…Stupid looping yos…i should’ve known the difference, but I was new to yoing. i tend not to speak, i just do a really fancy trick if people start on me. That usually works for my school. One guy actually was serious when he said “I bet that gets you a lot of girls…” Kind of surprised me by how much he wanted to learn yoyo tricks after that.


I have told this story once before but its pretty funny. Some kid at a bar said a similar “bet that gets you girls” comment. I told him something similar like what you did and I told him I have a girlfriend whatever. Then I told him I bet he couldn’t even get the yoyo back to his hand. I said if he could I would buy him a beer if not he had to buy me one. I made him look stupid and did like “quick fake binds” and laughed it off and said you dont have to get me a beer.

If you feed into it, it just makes them win. Like it shows them that you care, and you shouldn’t. Make a joke out of it. I bet 9/10 times if you ask them if they want to try they would want to. Then look stupid. Don’t do it with an expensive throw though. :smiley:


haters gonna hate

just feel sorry for the guy, there’s nothing more to it, really. such an attitude shows nothing but how much of a waste some guy does of his own life. no need to hate back on the dude, his life should be miserable enough.


tell him that it gets all the girls, i have many of them come up to me as i’m yoyoing or solving a rubik’s cube, and they wonder how I do it and ask questions and such…it’s pretty good


Well, You DO cuddle with Fluttershy (As do I), but I myself wouldn’t sleep with her. (Nor would you.)


Kind of a follow-up:

You know, I’ve never met any up-tight lighting techs either. I was taking snaps of the stage the night I ended up having to take over for FOH mix for Chicago(their engineer got too sick to function). Anyhow, this was before that decision was made. I was trying to take photos of the stage and the lighting operator was killing the the lights on purpose or hitting me in the face with movers so I couldn’t get a shot. The guy was lethal good. Anyhow, after he was done screwing with me, and was too funny not to laugh at, he had me do some stand-in for focusing and then he brought the stage up for me to shoot whatever I wanted. It makes things a lot easier when you gotta sit or stand beside him for 2 hours later on and engineer a show with him!

I think the worse I ran into recently was when a bit of gear killed a fuse before Kenny Loggins. I kinda took the bull by the horns and told them monitor tech to keep going while I deal with the situation. I diagnosed the fuse and had a runner bring in a new one. Snap. Done. That guy was only uptight because he really needed that bit of gear operating and was in panic mode.

There’s too many uptight people and too many haters.

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I’m pretty sure you just made it creepy…


Yeah, if people are annoying me about yoyoing (but not making fun of me) I generally do boomerang right at their face (it doesn’t hit them…but close).




Alright, this is getting wrong on so many levels.


I said it wasn’t a good comeback… and yeah weird


Well if you wanna look like a loser say " I bet being a moron gets you girls to huh?.