Have you ever been teased when u you play with yoyos? People call call you childis, baby and other stuff. i have been teased by my seniors many times but instead of replying, i use it as 1 of my fires to keep me playing with yoyos. i say to myself that i will show them, i will be the best in Singapore! ;D

this one guy at my school called me a nerd

I think we’ve had a topic on this, but oh well.

Yeah I get that kind of stuff too. People think I’m weird for it but oh well. One person (jokingly, and from an inside joke) asks if I yoyo when I’m high, but he’s cool and it’s funny. Kids, don’t do drugs. They can REALLY mess things up and ruin your life. I get lots of people though that wonder why I yoyo, but I just tell them it’s fun and keep going at it. After a while, people have stopped caring and no one really cares about it. :smiley:

I am a Nerd… AND Proud… Represent :stuck_out_tongue:


The group that I yoyo with is usually called yoyo nerds. It frustrates me sooo much because then they ask to use my yoyo. >:(

I just laugh things like that off.

Usually, there is a big crowd, so when one kid calls it stupid, all the other kids jump him :stuck_out_tongue:

They always say (Mostly My Classmates),

No new tricks?

But when I Eli hops, Then they’ll keep quiet. :wink:

(Haha, I know how to Eli hops but I’m in Rewind yet :D)

my friends used to call me childish or old(<— i dont noe why) but when i do boingy boing, they were like “thats awesome!” ;D

If you make it look good, they think you’re awesome. If you’re just standing still looking at you’re shoes, you look nerdy.

The last time someone said “That’s stupid, toys are for kids.”

I simply said, “Well it caught your attention didn’t it?”

He wasn’t very happy about that, so I challenged him. I told him, “If you can throw it down and bring it back up I’ll submit to you that I’m indeed a nerd and wear my cap with pride.”

I demonstrated throwing it, then did a Mickey bind to ensure there is no way he could magically figure out how to bind by watching it.

He threw it down like a sissy girl, and of course it wouldn’t come back when he tugged furiously.

Score one for me.

That’s exactly what I do.

Same with me< one of my friends thinks its stupid and then i did eli hops and was like " that was cool!" :slight_smile:

Sometimes people say, well, not nice words. But then I say "What, I throw a piece of metal/plastic on a string and now I’m not nice word implying that I like men? How does that work?

At school, some kids come up to me and my friends and say, “Hey look, it’s the Yo-Yo Nerds.” That annoys me. Then they sometimes just whack the yo-yo around while I am trying to do a trick. Some come up to me and say stuff like “What’s so good about yo-yo’s?” Some other people at school say like, “Woah, is that still spinning?” or like “That’s so awesome!”

In other public places that aren’t school, I get comments everywhere I go. “That’s sick” or “That’s the most insane thing i’ve ever seen.” or they just keep staring in awe at me. And I’m only on Advanced 2…

They’re just jealous, I think the proper word nowadays is haters… Let the haters hate, it’s their job.

Haha JM that made me laugh. I could just see you saying that. :stuck_out_tongue:

At school I still tend to get some people saying I’m weird. Whatever. However, I was at Worlds of Fun this weekend and I did lots of looping and 2a (it turns out it’s easy to loop and walk as opposed to do 1a or another style while walking :P) and lots of people I heard say something like “Wow cool. Son, that’s a yoyo.” And apparently someone saw some of the other people in my scout troop using my yoyos (Brains, duh) and mentioned that he saw somebody else that was really good. :smiley:

You guy’s have no idea. Try being 37 and throwing in public. I do and I love it. I think its funny when another adult comes up to me and say’s something bad. I usually say "At least I’m not gonna go home and play video games. That usually Equals the playing field. They shut up and move on.

I’ve only had one person tell me that I have no life because of yo-yoing, but he’s got “issues.”

So far I’ve only gotten postive responses, in fact, this week I got $2.50 in tips and also a Mexican group has “got my back.”

same here