Angry kids who want yoyos


I was yoyo ing the other day and I caught the eye of a young kid . I love it when a child goes into a kind of a trace looking at the yoyo . But he came right up to me and asked me ware to buy . But he looked so angry , may be he was a little jealous , or may be that was just his serious face . But I thought it was very funny . And of course I told him
Whats the funniest thing a child has said or did around you wile you were yoyo ing ?


I was throwing and this kid that was maybe 10 or so came up to me and asked, “what is that?!?”

I responded, “it’s a yoyo.”

He was shocked, and asked me, “what do you do with it?”

I had a couple other times when a kid came up to me an just stared at me for like 3 minutes.


Once I was yoyoing at a park, and a kid told his dad, ‘That’s not a real yoyo.’ I couldn’t help but laugh.


There was one little girl who saw me yoyoing and asked “what are you doing?” When I replied that I was yoyoing, she said “Can you do that?”

She did this almost every time she saw me yoyo.

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I have an amplified version of the OP, where I was yoyoing at the mall and two kids told me to give them a yoyo. I gave them the YoyoExpert URL on a sticky note and they crumpled it up and threw it in a flower pot. I have no idea what kind of parents foster that kind of behavior; I couldn’t tell you, because they were nowhere to be found. Not really funny, just confusing and related.

On the other hand, I’ve amassed swaths of kids all holding out their arms so I could grind a yoyo up them, parents that have offered to buy yoyos right out of my pocket, and a girl that asked if I held a gyro flop horizontal if it’d float.


I had my yoyo in my hand, when this kid who went to school with me and knew I yoyoed, yelled, “OH IS THAT YOUR YOYO?! DO A TRICK, DO A TRICK!!!” that kid was probably only about a year or two younger than me, but he was like my biggest fan.


LOL, I have never had a kid get angry, but I have had a two year old want to touch it. And a brother and sister (probably both around six), watched me yoyo, and the boy was like, “Can I try?” Of course, since I was using my OneStar, I reply something along the lines of this, “Sorry, but this yoyo doesn’t come back. You have to do something special to make it come back. (Binds yoyo) Like that. It takes lots of practice.” And then the kid was just like, “Oh.”, and quickly became disinterested, LOL.

And I do the same thing as PatCondon, I grind the yoyo on little kid’s arms. My little cousin loves it!

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Most common things I hear when yoyoing:

“Is that a real yoyo? No, it can’t be!”
“Is that a Duncan?”
“Are you a professional?”
“How much do one of those things cost?”
“What makes it spin so long?”
“Does that have one of them bearings in it?”
“Can you walk the dog with that thing?”
"How long can you get that thing to spin?’

Every single time I yoyo in public I get at least one of these.


A kid came up to me mid trick and shouted, “Yo-Yo it!!!” And then pulled on my string and messed me up… Oh kids…


When a “clique” of 8 year olds approach me and tried to make yoyoing sound like such a nerdy thing and say things like “so, a yoyo…”. Then i do a Boomerang slightly away from the leader’s face and then that typically shows them.


This one kid at my VBS kept calling me Yoyo-Bro.


Every single non-thrower I see says:

“Wow, I would probably tangle up the string”

“I can’t ever get a yoyo to come back up”

“Are there batteries in there”

“Is that a “Cheat” yoyo?”


“That must be a cheap yoyo. It does not come back up. If you want a real yoyo then buy one that comes back up.”


My favorite quote of a non-yoyoer was after wrestling practice and I was yoyoing, and qnother wrestler that was watching me said “that’s cheap it has a motor, so it never stops spinning”

I said " do you want to see how long it takes for it to stop spinning?"

He said yes and we waited like 3 minutes for my Classic to spin out. :slight_smile:


If you yoyo in public, you must learn to bear these questions.


When I was at yoyo club, this little bit just got his first throw (a one) and him and his mom approached me. They were like “hey! Can you do some tricks for is!!!” so I did a couple tricks, then I did magic trick… And they flipped out. They asked me the questions and I find ur fun answering them :slight_smile: I dont know why, I enjoy teaching non yoyoers about yoyos. :smiley:


I keep getting kids demanding I give yoyos to them. I think there is some sense of “privilege” going on that’s really been bugging the crap outta me. I think more kids need a beat-down to keep their attitude in check.

I even had a kid threaten me, then later attempt to take me out to get the yoyo. Very sad times.


You haven’t met these kinds of people yet, cherish the relation that you have with non-yoyoers, it will be disrupted in time (only a small but its not like you’re gonna hate all of society, but still, BEWARE)


This girl was watching me and some friends YoYoing, and she asked if she could try, I let her use my Loop 1080 (in the grass) she threw a surprisingly good sleeper for someone who I think hasn’t yoyoed… She watched it sleep for a few seconds, then grabbed it threw it on the table and walked away…

I was mad about her throwing my 1080, and curious what sparked her to do that…

She was interested, threw a good sleeper, threw it and walked away and sat down beside her mom, who stated at us…



I don’t care how old that kid is, I would have slapped the taste outta his mouth.