Strangest yoyo story

What is the oddest thing that has happened to you while throwing?

I was throwing my yoyo once, and no matter what I did, It just wouldn’t come back up.


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I hope that was in jest…

I was playing hidden eel the other day and my knot on the swivel broke and my cliff flew across the room and landed in a baseball glove


I got smacked in the mouth by my Onestar once, that’s about it. It really hurt…

It happened today.

I was playing yoyo while waiting for the teachers to bring the kids into their classes, and this kid came up to me asking if I knew how to “work a kendama”. I said yes, so he said “give me one”. I said “no”.

He then demanded my yoyo. I also said “no”. It was a RecRev “@”.

It seems a lot of kids feel some sort of entitlement or expecting everything to be handed over to them.

O.o that WAS weird.

probably having tommy smothers take my yoyo throw it away give me a better one then teach me a trick that took years to learn.

That’s awesome!!

For me it was knocking myself near my right eye with a DV888… Pain for days.

For me… busking in a public space and having a gentleman walk over and politely ask, “How did you even think of doing that with a door knob?”

That… is very strange. :wink:

Off Topic, how’re you liking the @?

And hey man, I’m a kid, don’t entitle the opinion to the majority just because the minority suck!

My designated yoyo area has a ceiling fan with a light attached. The other night, I was throwing, hit the light and everything went dark.

I thought I had broken the bulb. I reached up, pulled the chain and the light came on!

Perhaps when the yoyo hit the light, it grabbed the chain turning the light off.

That would be an awesome trick if I could perfect it!

What a great way to finish your videos. :wink:

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Loving the @. Like the Freq. Wave better.

In the past 3 months, I have been asked/demanded by kids to give them my yoyos and kendamas. One even said they would buy, but I had to explain that I wasn’t selling either. There’s been well over 100 requests. Some get downright nasty about it.

In an elementary school of 1600 kids, and 100 unique requests/demands, that just seems to be a lot to me. I will concur that it’s the minority that is acting in a way that I don’t agree with. As is almost always the case, people seem to latch onto the negative or bad stuff because the good stuff doesn’t need to be dwelled on as much. And like with other instances, it’s also the minority that makes the majority look bad.

A lot of the parents seem to behave the same way. Today, I guess his daddy got wind of the fact that I denied his kid a yoyo and kendama by not handing one over. At any rate, I got a parent in a bad mood at me this morning, so I’m just guessing that’s what happened. “You got some yoyos, why don’t you just give one to a kid”. I explained some of this stuff is expensive, to which he called me a liar and that this stuff couldn’t cost that much. Thank goodness for having the YYE site on my phone available(before it started acting up) and showing him some prics, to which he had no counter. So he tried the kendama angle ad I said there’s a nearby shop carries kendama and they have great prices.

People work for what they want. I work hard, I play hard. The way I see it, it’s MY decision to BUY something or even GIVE something or SELL something. The choice isn’t people demanding what I do and how I do things.

In the morning, at the school, I’m yoyo’ing to constructively use time. I’m not “recruiting”, I’m not marketing, and I’m not doing sales.

I was at Boston childrens hospital today…well i guess its yesterday now, for a special appointment, on our way out there was a kid about 5 or 6 by the looks of it. He was watching me yoyo for a few minites, now i had been wearing my old classic pokemon shirt, so he runs up to me and he has a pikachu in his hand that he held up infront of him and tried to give it to me and i asked him why and he said cuz your a pokemon trainer you keep throwing a pokeball, i guess he ment my yoyo but i told him you need to become a trainer too and i handed him back the pikachu.

Thats about the strangest thing thats happened to me.

I’ve done the same exact thing twice. It scared the crap out of me both times. >.<" lol

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Strangest thing? Someone created a thread that was already there, he just changed up the title.

Who? Was it me? Was it Mr. Golem the Tuatara, King of the Mountains of the Salamanders? He’s my friend.

I agree with this guy… But I want your @ as well studio42. GIMMEGIMMEGIMME. Yeah ok just kidding. Weirdest thing? I was yoyoing at camp (I had done it in a talent show and people went nuts) and some little kid said something along the lines of “it’s YOU!!! You really are real!!!” and I’m like… Uuuuuuuuh… Woah wait what?
Also, some friends and i (still at camp) were playing a game where we say what we would give each person in their will. I got “a new hobby” :p. but wouldn’t it be ridiculous if I went to camp with three or four kendamas?