Ann Connolly' One throw.

Wow…Great video, just fantastic, and the yoyoing was great too…Totally worth it just to watch it from 45 on.
Im not one to oogle over girls, seriously though…hot damn. Will you marry me ann? No really…

The intro and outro… YYF? Is she sponsored by them? Did I miss something? Didn’t she say she was taking a break from yoyoing to pursue college?

But about the video itself, great yoyoing. Some of it seemed a little rushed, but hey, I can’t throw like that hahaha Pretty complex stuff there.

<3 :smiley:

Happy Throwing! =]

She’s not in team yoyofactory. She left yoyojam because Ann has grown up and is an adult now ready for college, so she felt it was time for change and decided she would leave yoyojam.

Happy Throwing! =]

Dang I’ve never seen a girl that GOOD :o :o :o :o :o :o But seriously u got skillz kid.

The (After) Life of the Party – Fall Out Boy

Love the song choice.

she is beautiful and can throw so you know …[insert inappropriate for the forum joke here]

serious though she has super duper skills

That was one heck of a throw, completely fogot it was just one throw. Is she german? The words on the shirt looked german…

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She’s from Maryland I believe. I know she has competed in Va states in the past.

She was at MA states this year <3

Wow she has gotten good! I hope one day she wins nationals.

I know a guy that had her as a imaginary girlfriend. It got so bad that he took a picture of her in a vid then digitally added hearts all over and put it as his ipod screen saver. Creepy…


Thanks for posting this and watching it. (: I’m actually from Virginia, outside of DC. And my shirt is in Czech. It’s a Czech Nationals 2007 shirt.

I’m also very much involved with yoyos right now. More than I’ve ever been. I’m not going anywhere. (:

I don’t know whether to be flattered or scared.

I would be scared

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Agreed, I’d probably be pretty scared too.

And ann, I have to quote that and put it in my siggy =)

hey Ann, are you gonna come back to yoyojam after college?

Happy Throwing! =]

Welcome to the forums!


Does Regens count? ::slight_smile:

nah, i dont think so.

After College? No, I left yoyojam permanently. Moving onto other things in yoyos.