Ann Connolly

Ann Connolly’s VA states performance.SHe is great!!! :o

its Connolly*


Thanks Ann!!!

Ann? Wearing a YoYoFactory T-Shirt?

If Ann is moving to YoYoFactory, I would cry.

Ann, please, OMG, stay in YoYoJam.

She left a while ago.

That was probably the most frustrating freestyle to watch ever. Camera was all over the place, lol.

I know that.

But did she move to YoYoFactory?


nice, a better camera angle would have been nice though.


wait a minute… you spelled her name wrong…

Guys yes she did move to YYF! I saw her yesterday. How did you guys not know she moved!!!

well it makes sense to me, after all, her favorit yoyo is the genesis.

Hey, who cares?

man, whadda YOU know, miggle ko-ray?!

yeah, guys. lol, i know the camera was kinda wako… sorry, i had to move from around a bunch of people so i could see her… oh well. But, she did move to YYF. Not on YYJ anymore. yes, i realized i mispelled her name… sigh… whatever. it was fun.

yes she did

No guys… she didn’t move to YYF…

maybe they just haven’t updated the page yet.

a good point