Ok, Ann connolly.

Rant on.

Ok, whats with the hate? Ive been reading yoyo blogs and comments on her videos and what not, and so many people hate on her. Its crazy. Its getting so bad it isnt even right. It has gone further than criticism. It HAS TO STOP!

It doesnt matter if people think shes just all looks no skill and she got sponsered just because she is a girl. She is a decent sponsership worthy yoyo player.

She helps kids yoyo by touring all over the world. She makes decently popular yoyo tutorials and is active in the yoyo community. Ive talked to her like twice, and she is so friendly. She does nothing but smile and contribute.

All this disgusting, ignorant, bullying has to stop. Maybe if you are a professional yoyoer that has a personal feud with her, then MAYBE you have the right to speak about her like that. Its total crap. All these haters are butthole teenagers my age that dont realize how offensive their actions are. All these hater are most likely much worse then ann connolly. Ann connolly would place way higher then them.

Even if she might not place very high, does it matter? Competition skills arent the only thing that matter in competition. Attitude, willingness to contribute, and activity in the community are all sponsership factors that shes aces in. She is even active in the kendama community, and lots of crossovers bothways have occured because of her.

Rant off.


She certainly shows girls that it’s cool to throw!


Yes I agree. I’ve stopped reading the comments on her YouTube vids because its same negativity over and over. Just immature kids with out much experience in life.

Met her at the Sydney comp last year where she guest judged and she’s a lovely person. I don’t think anybody has the right to speak to anybody the way some people speak about Ann but that’s what’s going to happen when you’re in the spotlight. Is she the best female yoyo player around? Probably not. But she’s still a fantastic ambassador for the hobby and people need to realise that sponsorship is as much about brand image as it is about competition performance.

Having said all of that, it’s something that seems to bother her fans a lot more than it bothers her.


The yoyo community has a heavy male bias. Some of these men are rather feeble minded and are offended when a girl is better than them.

Let’s face it. Ann Connoly (at least from a outside perspective) has an awesome job. She gets to tour all around the world, teaching people about yoyos. It’s real easy to get jealous of that - and with jealousy comes criticism, especially from boys who are offended that a girl is better than them.


I believe there is more in sponsoring a player than skill. Ok, she may be worse than the majority of spondored players, so what? She is still a grest player and a great person. I’ll bet 99% of the people saying that BS are butthurt because they aren’t sponsored.

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people hate her cuz people is dumb n’ jealouz n’ stuff lik thatz

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Well said.

People hate cuz she is cute and awesome at throwing. Anyone bein negative is just reflecting their own personal inner struggles externally. Simple as that

I love Ann

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thanks man it took me like 5 hours to correct the spelling and grammar.

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Ann is a lot like Justin bieber in ways in ways people wise more or less fan wise mostly.

  1. When someone’s good there will always be haters no matter what (not saying Justin biebers good I hate him)
  2. People are ignorant if they think there above someone just cause
    then the person isn’t
  3. There are the fans just cause and the ones that actually like the person for what they do mostly the ones just cause are just lookers and gwakers over physical features. The ones that respect what they do don’t leave those annoying comments.
  4. If a hater is gonna hate then keep it to yourself because that person probably doesn’t want to hear your hate (if you see McKenna zenter’s comments on some of Anns videos there nasty! Seriously if she wants an easy way to lose subscribers shes doing a fine job!)
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Comparing Justin to Ann is just plain wrong, for one thing, Ann is actually good at what she does. Ann is a great YoYoer, anyone who has said differently, why aren’t you sponsored?

I think Ann is awesome for what she does! like girl skaters, that’s awesome. easy on the eyes too! say worddddd.

Based from what I’ve seen, most of Ann’s hate is from non yoyoers. Due to her semi large popularity among the non yoyoing community, she typically mostly criticized by people who are not in the community who are no aware of her skills and accomplishments and typically comes fromunstable hormonal 11 year olds on YouTube. (No offense my fellow 11 year old throwers)

Stuff exactly like is what needs to be stopped. Justin Bieber is a great singer, is he my style of music? No, does he sing high pitched? Yes. So does Justin timberlake and millions of bieber haters love him. Don’t be that guy that hates someone and says they suck just cause you don’t agree with them or don’t like their style or what they do.

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This frames the exact same premise we are trying to address about another person… Just because you don’t like Beiber does not mean you should hate on him or insult him. Similarly, one should not hate on Ann because she is a female (with a hefty amount of skill) in a largely male community.

Ann may not be the best player, but it is all about public eye. She’ll catch more attention than a bunch of dudes. Others have mentioned the word ambassador as well, which may even be a more appropriate interpretation of her position. People have been sponsored before without even being in the competitive side of yoyo’ing. So why is there such hate for somebody like Ann who seems to be balanced with every aspect of yoying? I’ve seen her helping others, I’ve seen some of her tuts, and her performances aren’t half bad.

For me, I think that his music is not my style, but I don’t hate him for that. I do think that he is becoming a bad influence and he has fans who are overrated.

I met her at 2011 worlds, she’s really nice. Easily one of my favourite sponsored throwers. I even got my joexann genesis signed by her. As others have said, people that hate on her and post negative (or just straight out creepy) comments on her videos are likely just jealous.

and I agree with m.dev1. I don’t personally listen to justin bieber. But he’s not bad at what he does by any means. I’ve actually met him before as well (he was riding around the commons in Calabasas on a segway) and he’s actually a pretty nice guy. People just hate him because everyone else does it.

Must be in the YouTube comments or something, because it has been many months since I saw anything even partway negative about her around these parts.

I like Ann’s tutorials… Magic Trick is great fun to do, as is the double GT. I can’t land her Slacky Wrist Mount thing yet, which is bumming me out… the “3-5” one she did for Slusny is pretty great for intermediate-level combo as well.

That Kengarden video was really entertaining and last time I checked, over 300K views. You can bet most of those are by non-yoyoers, so that’s pretty fantastic publicity this hobby/sport of ours. :wink:

In short: Ann is great.

comparing Ann to Justin Bieber is just wrong facepalm