New CLYW Vid

please delete this post.

There already is a girl on the CLYW team…

She’s not switching, she’s just friends with them and was up there for Canadian nationals. Also, clyw does have a girl, her name is nuu. If you look on the clyw team page, there’s a bio for her and you can find some videos.

Oh nice. I didint realize that. Thanks guys.

CLYW does have a female player in their team. Her name is Nuu Gatowsky and she is a polish player that runs a club and teaches lots of kids to yoyo.

Ann is not on CLYW. She is still very much with yoyofactory. The footage you see in this video was around Canadian Nationals time way back in August. Ann competed and during her stay in Canada she hung out with Chuck and Chris, and by the looks of it did some sight seeing and shot some video.

^^^ what they said ;D

Ann is pretty much the most loyal YYF team member you’ll find…

yeah If Ann was leaving YYF that’s would be saying something…

Yes Ann Connolly is in the video, but no I don’t believe she’d give up her full time job and massive benefits package with her current sponsor! You got steak where you are why go for burgers elsewhere? Not that there is anything wrong with CLYW but it’s just not likely the could offer the same perks for her.

But she could always surprise everyone and do it.

Ummm - you guys realize that any yoyo team can have more than one girl, right? “CLYW already has a girl” is not the right answer to this question. The appropriate answer is: “Ann was at canadian nationals, so Chris probably asked her to guest in a video because he likes her yoyoing.”

I don’t think that was the mind set when they said “clyw already has a girl”, they were addressing the OP’s post when they said “But I think that would be awesome to see a girl on the clyw team”.

OH SNAP, I are dum, and have poor reading comprehension. I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out!

Also featured in that video was Alex Smith and Kristin Olinyk of Terra Kendamas. We were just hanging out having a nice time :slight_smile:

Ann is the most loyal YYF team member they have.

Turns out that you can’t just post a video of people hanging out without putting what team they are on. Sorry about that! I changed the ‘About’ on the video to include teams.

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No, you can do that without any issue Chris. The problem wasn’t with you, the problem was with people thinking too far into things. You keep doing what you want and posting videos how you want, let the people learn what things mean, you don’t always have to spell things out for them :slight_smile:

I think the real question is: why should anyone care? “OmG aNN must’a’ve left YIFF l3ts freek out!11”

I think the REAL question is: what does a nose smell like?

I made a video with Ann and Yuji(and Andy Candles) in the UK.
That doesn’t mean I might go to YYF :wink:

Dude it was just a question. No one is freak in out. If anything I wS more interested in a female being on the CLYW team, which I have learned there is one. My bad for asking questions.

Clyw has Nuu, she’s awesome, one of my favorite female yoyoers out there.