Ann Connolly' One throw.

Im crossing my fingers for YYF!

so anns not german, but it sure looked like a german shirt…

I’m happy to keep finding about great yoyoers in Va. :slight_smile: Now if we could just get a store that sells yoyos and supplies I’d be happy.

This is a yoyo forum, not an online dating site, lol
what was the yoyo?

It’s a Genesis. (:

i thought so, your smily is backward… the song was sorta strange… but catchy, never heard it before…

Hey are you going to be on here often. Just a question.


Is college like University, or is it the bit in between secondary school and University (Age 16, you would finish secondary) don’t know if it is the same in america?

ummm i think your close. We don’t have univerity in U.S.A. We start a kinderkarten, Then grade school, Then at about 14-15 we enter high school. Then after tha you go to college. And you can get certan degrees in collage like bachlors, masters, ect.

Epic fast trick.
Very azn ish. Haha.
Welcome to YYE!

We start playgroup - preschool at like 3 years old and then we start Infant school at 5 then we go to junior school at 8, high school at 11, then collage or sixth form at 16 then either get a job or go to Uni round about 18-19. To get like degrees masters but I have never heard of a Bachelors.

Anyways, the video was very good!

haha he put that in his siggy

Actually, colleges and universities are pretty much the same here in the U.S., though colleges are usually smaller than universities (or at least used to be). You can do a 2-year program (Associate), 4-year program (Bachelor, usually what most people at universities are there for, besides partying),then they have advanced programs after the 4-year degree for people who want more school (doctors, lawyers, nuclear physicists, etc. :slight_smile: )

Back to the original post, that was some very good yoyoing, Ann. I hope I can be that good or fast with my yoyo skills someday.


can’t blame him

Whoa Whoa WHoa! Lets get this straight. I was asking because I was really just wondering. We dont have a lot of a semi pros on this forum and it would be great to have her.
Oh and I am taken. :slight_smile:

semi-pro? she was sponserd by yyj

Oh yeah :stuck_out_tongue:
Pro or now x-pro. But still pro. IDK I AM JUST A BOY! But yeah.

What is this i dont even

Haha actually, I just wanted to reply to this thread. I’m not usually active on yoyo forums. I feel like I’m intruding on a “guy thing” by coming onto forums.