One Throw...Or Two.

This is my entry of a YoyoAddict video contest.
I did one throw with 3A. Please watch it.
I hope you like it.

Plase tell me what you think here!! :wink:

very nice! :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!

Awesome!! ;D ;D

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That was awesome ;D but it annoys me how many people are better than me. How long have you been throwing? And how long have you been doing 3A?

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Thank you :wink:

Thanks! I have been throwing for about 3 (or more) years for 1A and 1 and a half year for 3A.

By the way, yoyos are YYF Rockstar (not 2012).

Great video, you are really good at yoyo in more than 1 styles. You definately better than me.

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3A is hard and I love it.
Anything 3A is always a fan.

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Thank you!
Here is another video of mine showing my tricks in many area.

I love 3A yeah! It’s so fun!!

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two great videos thank you!

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Thank you!! ;D

You are incredibly talented!! I wish I could do 3a.

:wink: Have fun with your skills!