My Youtube Videos

Hey everyone! I have been making yoyo videos for quite some time now and hope you guys could check them out! I really think you will enjoy them! There’s the link to my account~ Please check it out :slight_smile:

nice! man, those tricks were pretty sick, the video quality was sweet!
how long have you been yoyoing?

hm, i think i have been yoyoing around 1.5 years aha! It’s been awhile but it feels like i just picked a yoyo up yesterday.

good job man! you can do decent tricks on all the styles of play. i forget wether or not you did 1a, but your 5a was close enough.

cool vids. i subbed

Yes i did 1a! I like trying all the styles aha, but i am the best in 4a ;D

4a is my fave but im best at 1a