I gotta feelin - yoyo stlye


Hey, Im new to yoyoexpert, this is my first post! so, here is my recent video. enjoy


Wow, thats a really cool video and your tricks. Now I’m jealous of you throwing 2A so awesome. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]


thanks :smiley: total, i’ve been yoyoing, 9 month-ish, and been looping about a month and a half. Luckily i have jen kouri and jon gates as awesome mentors :smiley:

(Alceste) #4

OMG! i know you lol
ur looping is awsome


i may know you… im thinking avi, but you could be anybody. whats your name?

(Alceste) #6

Don’t wanna say name online sorry, but im the new kid who just started coming.
edit: wanna go to chat to talk lol?
double edit: I have to go. See you sunday if weather permits.


O ok :smiley: I have a friend on yye who i dont know his screen name, so it was a guess :smiley: looking forward to seeing you on sunday


SONG STEALER! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriosly, I was planning a video with this song, haha.

Man, your 1A stuff is pretty awesome, nothing super special. But still amazing nonetheless.

But the 2A…WOW! 2A is soo hard, you’re a natural at it.


Thank you :smiley: and btw, blame gsteller. FIREFLIES was MINE till he stole it! :stuck_out_tongue: i was stuck with I got a feeling ::slight_smile:


Boo gsteller! :stuck_out_tongue:


That is what I call some pretty awesome stuff to watch…

You are an amazing 2a thrower for a month and a half.

Now I’m gonna start looping! ;D

(JonasK) #12

There’s still a ton of songs you could’ve picked over that though… I’m not digging the music really, but then my taste of music is a bit different.


Awesome 2A! I envy your amazing skills.


Welcome to YoYoExpert!

Those loops blew me away. You are an amazing 2a player, as well as 1a.

But one suggestion is to invest in a tripod. It would make the filming of your videos much cleaner :slight_smile:

(Mikey) #15

Amazing! Wonderful! Welcome to Yoyoexpert, Hope you like it here! How old are you?


Thanks guys :smiley: :smiley: @samad : Ill take your advice and start saving up
@ mikey : 13


sick vid love the music
Happy Throwing! :slight_smile:


Great job!

Like Paolo said, the 1a’s nothing super special, but the 2a, WOW!

You definitly inspired me to work harder at my 2a.


(Alceste) #19

What yoyos did you use?


Loop 720, and a p2