NEW YOYO VID. (sk8girldecks11) come look! =)


YAY im hapy with my new vid. subscribe and tell ur friends. =) im at like 7 months of throwing.


Awesome video, just work on smoothing your tricks out :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: can anyone tell me if im ahead or behind if im ay 7 months? =)


wow that is an awesome video


Thanks! ^^


great video, the trick at 1:40 i also jacked the same trick from guy wright LOL. I bunched Boxthor in the Catch 22 the second trick he does in the video…am i right?! I’ve also been throwing about 7 months man, I live in Louisiana and just 2 weeks ago have I met the first person besides myself who yoyos but go check out my video, we got completely differen’t styles but check it out.

(Kyle V.) #7

Very nice stuff man. I think you’ve got insane skill for 7 months. I can’t do anywhere near that good of a Follow combo… wow. Really enjoyed that video.


Thanks!!! =D

(1A) #9

yay another ginger…


uhm im not a ginger…lol…i have brown hair.


Great, great video you are definitly good for 7 months


Yeah man, thats some sweet skills for only 7 months. if you would have asked me how long i thought you had been throwing i would have said at least a couple years. great job keep it up.


Thanks for the support everyone. =)