Quick one throw after 7 months



Quick one throw with the Superstar

I have been throwing for 7 months


Awesome, one thing though if you good get your tricks a little bit smoother and a little faster, that video would have been more awesome than what it already was!


thanks, i have really been trying to smoothen out my tricks


You are doing awesome for 7 months

(202andrew) #5

Amazing for 7 months. I was awful at 7 months. Keep it up :wink:


Better than me, and I have been at it for 1 1/4. :slight_smile: I still can’t do brent stole. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #7

:o.i think everybody learns faster than me…


lol :smiley:


That was good, but why did you do it in the bathroom?


the room goes directly into the bathroom it is in FL so i did it inside


That was a’ight for 7 months. But yeah try to go a bit faster and smoother.