Winter Throwing and 6 month video!

Just finished up my new video. It is actually my 6 month video too since i started in September of '13. Any feedback is much appreciated, and constructive criticism is welcomed! Always trying to improve.

Thats really good for 6 months. I think you were as good as me when I was at 6 months, excepy you’re smoother.

You’re one of the VERY few throwers Ive seen that are smooth at the 6 month mark.

Definitely progressing quickly, good job :slight_smile:

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Bump! Going to make another video when my Quake arrives!

Took me over a year to get your 6 months smoothness :wink:

Nice vid!!

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Sweet vid man! Really good and smooth at just 6 months! Plus, I really like the way you bind at the part at the lake.

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I can probably do better and more advanced tricks than those, but like andy569, you’ve got a smooth style which counts for a lot. I am not as smooth as you are. You’ve gotten far for 6 months. Way to go.

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You are surprisingly good for 6 months!

Way to go dude!!!

Smooth like BUDDER!

Can’t wait for the quake vid!
P.M. me of u want when you finish it.

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You’re awesome. Nicely done, sir.

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Sure thing, will try to remember to do so!