Ann Connolly made youtube facebook page!

Ann connolly managed to get posted on facebook by youtube. Her video has over 200k views already. Not sure if there’s already been a post about this but I just thought I’d share.

I know it’s crazy! Hopefully this will encourage more people to throw. I gotta say that’s the best editing I’ve ever seem

I watched that video many times and I love it. She has some great tricks.

I think what set it off was that it got posted on reddit and got a ton of attention there. For those that don’t know, pretty much everything that gets popular on reddit becomes popular everywhere else in a matter of days.

That video made it to the second page of reddit. I’m sure that had a lot to do with the number of views it has.

gawd she is so good on camera. what a great performer

I think her looks definitely add to her popularity.

Good to see it spread thanks to the magic that is reddit.

One of my buddies who doesn’t know the first thing about yoyos emailed me this video today. It seems to be spreading like wildfire.

She does some very entertaining tricks, the production value is through the roof, and she is pretty dang cute… A perfect storm if you will.

Oh. Oh. Oh my goodness. The top comment on the video makes me flustered.

Hahahaha me too

She just recently turned 21 I believe, correct me if I’m wrong. Plus what’s a YouTube Facebook page? Is it like: or

Typical comments from guys that live in their mother’s basement.

Which comment are you guys referring to?

Whatever was “top” at the time has probably moved down, but just scan them to get the jist of what the idiots are posting there. Even most 12 year old boys have more sense.

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Am I the only one that can actually criticize this video? I didn’t like the editing, too much slo-mo and other. Detracts from the video in my opinion.

Of course we all can criticize it. But for the average person, slow mo makes it more entertaining haha

Hmmm yeah I see it. Pretty sure it’s just Internet talk. Not like they have the guts to say anything like that to her face. Plus that’s isn’t the way to get a ladies attention. Anyways, this video wasn’t meant for that purpose in the first place.

Thank you. Also, I don’t like a clothing advertisement shoved in my face. I always feel like an Ann Connolly video is so cheesy. I feel like I see nothing original from her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very recently earned her place among the pros.

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She does kind of ham it up for the camera a bit, but I can forgive her because she’s totally legit as a yoyoer.

Also, I really enjoyed the filming and editing. Slow-mo… different angles… whatever it was, SOMETHING about the editing made the video entertaining and stand out from a sea of drab videos.

I’ll go on record as saying it’s one of the most entertaining videos in recent memory. And since her skills are light years ahead of mine, I saw a lot I could learn as well.