The Kengarden Presents - ANN CONNOLLY

I just finished up this video of Ann Killing it in SF.
Not sure how to imbed the video so here is the linkage.

Ann always has some great tricks to show. But the editing… man, for me, the editing was the real show-stealer. Great job!

Embedding videos is as simple as pasting the full link (rather than the share link):

Cool. I really liked 2:16-2:31. :slight_smile:

What I find more interesting than the yoyoing is the type of kendama tricks she was doing- very yoyo-esque in style. In Zach Gormley’s recent Kendama video, he has some yoyo-inspired tricks too. Good stuff!

Great video. She can truly throw.
She is also so dang cute. :wink:

Nice throwing, fun to watch the whole thing. Nice job on the video too.