Ann Connoly's combo

Ok so, iv’e had this question for a long time now. In every video I see Ann Connoly in, she always does a certain trick. At 42 seconds in the video I put she does it really fast. Does anyone know what this trick is?

It’s a made up (un-named) frontstyle trick made by Ann herself.

The elements look rather simple, as do the elements in most frontstyle combos.
I recommend looking at alexisjv’s “10 Elements of a Frontstyle” for a basic introduction to these elements.

Best of luck to you-TEAmPownage

G.I.R.T.S for days

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^ that was pretty helpful. I’ve never actually seen that
if you’re too lazy to google. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just another random braintwister combo, look up braintwister elements on youtube. I like this one alot.

Thanks for posting that, just watched it (while at work…shhhhh) that was really cool and I’ll be trying some of those out soon.