Frontsyle tricks

Hey Yo-Yo’ers,

I have been Yo-Yo’ing for 9-10 months, and after playing sidestyle (regular style), I gave frontstyle another shot, and I love it. What are some good frontstyle tricks?



ok… Thanks, I already know that trick. It’s a basic frontstyle need to know :smiley:

A braintwister combo

This for sure!

Like what? That’s like saying a sleeper combo. Please be a little more precise

edit: thanks sgt1yoyo1, first useful post ;D. Appreciate it

My pleasure! I found this video a while back and it’s been great for frontstlye stuff!,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=bc0ccdf26007e677&biw=768&bih=900 first video on there

its a slower trick, but its just fun to do

Gyroscopic Flop; that one is supper fun!!! :slight_smile: