Front style?

Do you guys know of anyplace where I can learn more complicated frontstyle tricks?
Any tricks, tuts, links, or whatever are appreciated

look up Drew Tete’s Milk the Cat its not real hard but it is funny looking.

i made a thread like this almost a month ago. i didn’t get to much. the thing is that beyond split bottom, there are not many complicated mounts. i love front style, but it is so much more limiting.

i made one trick up a while ago. i don’t have a tut, but basically you are in a brain twister mount, and you swing it forwards (opposite of brain twister) once and then let go and catch back into the mount. it is the first trick in my vid:

First Combo I do. Ignore the Guitar part, it was just for the flourish.

Pop’en Fresh is a good one.


i stand corrected… DYonch, please make a tut for any of those tricks. or is that someone else in the vid and you just posted it. anyways… Adam Brewster, please make a tut.

That is Adam Brewster.

But you should try learning a trick without a tutorial.

Not complicated, but pure awesome:

What yoyo is he using in that video, i’ve seen it before

You can make any frontstyle trick complicated if you do it on a skate board going down a hill jumping on 1 foot with a blindfold while playing go fish with Donald Trump.

or you can do barrel rolls and seasick like andre

around 0:45

When it comes to frontstyle, I see Mark Montgomery and Adam Brewster as gods. The best and most innovative frontstyle ever seen.

interesting. i can’t do that. i can’t skateboard. i have done it skiing though in Canada with Kilometers Davis.

Not very many I know of.

I have a few I could try to make tutorials on. Might not though, We’ll see.

OOOHH please Paolo!
You’ll be my best friend