need. new. trick.

i am looking more for something that isn’t in the learn section. i prefer it to flow. maybe slacks and whips but i am not great at them. something like skin the gerbil but more complex or something. it can embed grinding and stuff.
there ya go!!! :slight_smile: soiled panties yoyo trick by yuuki spencer…

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don’t lock it. i am leanring so much… but you guys could get back to topic now… and don’t call Samad gay. that is insulting to gay guys. OHHH jk.

but does any one have any front tricks. i know way too few

Tried learning seasick? Thats pretty fun to do, hard to perfect too. Or try making up some combos and stuff.

seasick, bongy-e-boings(and variations)barrel rolls,reverse barrel, mach 5, pop’n fresh, and brain twister combos

these should be enough to keep you busy for awhile, just make your own combo mixing these tricks together

Knock it off. All of you. Report to moderator and let us handle it.


anything not from this sight?.. anyone. ??? :-
sidetricks are also fine but i am looking for some more front tricks for the combo i am making.

Best way is to youtube it. Do a bit of digging. I’d look for an example now for ya but I dont have time. :stuck_out_tongue:

think think think, Are you a genius in frontstyle combos, i am.

i just found a new mount for front style. i am working on some stuff. also SBL offered a lot of front stuff recently so i am working on it.