Brain twister based tricks

I’m looking for some suggestions on tricks to mix with the brain twister I really like the brain twister and just wan to expand what I can do going into or coming out of the brain twister.

These are two great tutorials on braintwister stuff

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Excellent videos! The second one is already something I’m doing but not nearly as fast, thanks for sharing I’m working on getting the first video worked out so much awesomeness in those videos.

I love how the first video is basic and looks extremely hard.

Nice videos! I was wondering how to get a start on “fast but simple” frontstyle stuff, and it doesn’t get too much better.

Does anybody know of anything similar but for “barrel roll” type combos (ie. starting in split bottom mount, doing all that fast stuff with the occasional boing). I can do some split-bottom/mach based combos already, but I’m missing some fast elements.

I suppose this should go in another thread, but I suspect the people viewing this one would also know the answer to mine. :wink:

No need to start another thread GregP I’m interested as well I’m working on the videos today.

Thanks so much for these! They poened up soo many things.

Can the stuff in hat video be done on the sidestyle mount too? Beause Im alot more advances in sidestyle stuffthen in frontstyle stuff.

I really want to learn more front style play and this should keep me busy for awhile.

It would not be recommended because you would be in a bind quite a bit and accidental returns can happen but id you are smooth enough to avoid those accidental binds yes you can use these tricks in side style.