Want to learn this trick plz help

I would like to learn a trick like this in this vid the first one i want to learn  any front style trick like it plz help

Might be wrong, but it just looks like a Split Bottom mount to possibly a Split the Atom/Braintwister combo

Nope, you got it. It’s just a braintwister combo he made up. Search the forum for “braintwister combo” and there should be a few topics with lots of helpful information on what they are, how you do them, and some tips on making your own. :wink:

I believe Josh made a braintwister combo vid:


I was trying to track that down!
Good job

try the zipper

i think your just trying to get lots of posts please stop brining back old threads

Hardly bringing back an old post, it was only 2 month, It is an easy mistake to make, I have done it before, just searching through topics and accidently commenting on an old video, sometimes your just unaware, and next time just leave the administrators to deal with things like this!

fusion usualyy i see i just help and i dont pay attention to date s so thnks cameron

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There’s a reason it hadn’t been posted in for 2 months. It was done. People could look at this thread and get some helpful information, but nothing new really needed to be added, especially “try the zipper.” Not that that couldn’t be helpful information at some point, but he was looking for help with a specific trick and a video to teach him, as well as the fact that there were other topics for the same question, was already given.

However, it can be an easy mistake to make. Just try to watch for that next time. :wink:

I have made the mistake several times, comenting on old post, and on every ocassion I have been nothing but ragged for it, so if he feels the same way as I did when people just have a go at you for it then it is pretty bad, so I was just kinda trying to make him feel better, I didn’t mean any offence towards buddha and hopefully now we have all learnt a lesson,