1a Tutorial - Misfit Antagonist

I realized I hadn’t tutorialerized a fronstyle trick in a while, so here y’all go.


Cool trick with a pretty cool name. I didn’t get to watch at sound since I’m technically on the clock (gotta get paid to lurk at some point in life ;D)

but looks like I’m gonna start learning this asap

Great trick, really!

Thank you both very much!

Good looking trick that also looks very doable. So many tricks on YouTube are really hard. It’s nice to see a trick and think “I cn do that”

Darn phone messing up my message. That use to say “It’s. Nice.to box a zoo”

Great trick, great tutorial. I’ve got to learn this one. Been looking for a front-style trick to learn. I also love the name, it’s hilarious.

Great front mount trick here. Thanks for posting!

So clearly I need to make up more frontstyle tricks. Lol.