1a Tutorial - Misfit Antagonist

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #1

I realized I hadn’t tutorialerized a fronstyle trick in a while, so here y’all go.


Cool trick with a pretty cool name. I didn’t get to watch at sound since I’m technically on the clock (gotta get paid to lurk at some point in life ;D)

but looks like I’m gonna start learning this asap


Great trick, really!

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #4

Thank you both very much!


Good looking trick that also looks very doable. So many tricks on YouTube are really hard. It’s nice to see a trick and think “I cn do that”

Darn phone messing up my message. That use to say “It’s. Nice.to box a zoo”


Great trick, great tutorial. I’ve got to learn this one. Been looking for a front-style trick to learn. I also love the name, it’s hilarious.


Great front mount trick here. Thanks for posting!

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #8

So clearly I need to make up more frontstyle tricks. Lol.