Frontstyle combos?

You know how yoyoers do those really cool Frontstyle combos? Can you just like post some videos of them here? I can do them, but not like some other throwers, and want to do more Frontstyle tricks. So thanks if anyone helps me. :wink: Like Frontstyle combos tutorials, thanks.

All they do is tricks like skin the gerbal and stuff like that but sideways.

I don’t think there is any tutorial. But yes, basicaly what they do is skin the gerbil, brain twister, zipper, eli hoop, and kinda that, but in vertical axis.
theres tons of variations, of course.

Thanks guys. Now I’m going to go throw…oops, I’m stuck on vacation my destroyed Protege. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would kill my self if I threw like Jensen Kimmitt does sideways.

Man, that’s so sick, same for me. But I’m not talking about doing tricks with the yoyo sideways, it sidestyle, so when you are doing like tricks based off the Split-Bottom Mount for instance. Wait, so you guys didn’t get the right idea of what I was talking about?

Oh woops. I think everyone else meant it the way I did too. Oh well.

Yeah now I know what you’re talking about. Yuuki Spencer can do a lot of those… and FAST. It’s pretty impressive.

Dude, Frontstyle is like this from 1:20 to 1:30 and the rest is called front style:

Yeah, that’s what I was talking about.

Id you guys thought I was talking about something different, what is that called then, or am I right?

Wait… now you have me confused. lol

If I called them sidestyle and you didn’t understand me, what would I call it then?

Dude… I don’t know what you’re talking about now. lol Here’s how I see it I guess:
Normal Style: Tricks like uh Spirit Bomb or White buddha
Front Style: Tricks like Mach 5
Side Style: Jensen Kimmitt’s awesome sideways yoyoing.

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OMG. Thanks so much. I forgot that I meant frontstyle. Oops, yeah I mean frontstyle.

Here is my frontstyle trick if that helps you.

Here’s my favorite out of the ones I know

Lol frontstyle not sidestyle? Well it’s the same as we said tricks like skin the gerbil, brain twister, zipper, and otherstuff except not full sideways.