So when i started yoyoing i learned a few of the basic frontstyle tricks(Mach5, Braintwister, Split the Atom etc) but once i learned the very basic sidestyle stuff, Trapeze, double etc. i just did sidestyle and never went back to frontstyle. in fact i actually HATE frontstyle. It just feels wrong to me, and i dont enjoy learning frontstyle stuff at all.
So i just wanted to ask if anyone else ever had something like that were you just hate a style or type of trick. also should i still try to push through and learn frontstyle? of course a lot of the “wrong” feeling when playing frontstyle comes from me not being used to it.
sure there is no need to do frontstyle, but is it something you liked once you knew how to do it?
just curiouse.

I found myself in a place somewhat like this some years ago.
I didn’t like doing frontstyle very much, and I stuck with mainly sidestyle yoyoing.
Over time though, I found that especially in the freestyle world, having a frontstyle combo somewhere thrown in makes for a good show of variety and creates a nice mix of skill showcase.

There are many tricks in frontstyle that cannot be done in sidestyle, and for that reason alone, I pushed myself to delve deeper into the world of frontstyle.

Some think that frontstyle is more “limited” than sidestyle, but there is much within the style that some don’t immediately see.
Frontstyle chop mount tricks, protrusions, wraps, and much more.

If you find yourself not enjoying frontstyle, take a deeper look at some of the things that are possible, and you might get inspired to create.
Look into some of Jason Lee and John Bot’s tricks. Lot’s of great ideas there.

Best of luck!




A while back I made a thread like this. People posted some useful tuts.,62359.0.html


Thanks for sharing.

No problem :slight_smile:

Cool thanks! gonna be looking at some of that stuff, maybe i can find my love for frontstyle :wink:

I recommend learning 3 Five first, it’s fairly easy, and it’s a really fun trick.

I cannot seem to find that trick …

It’s the second one that GregP posted.

Lol doh! I didn’t see the trick name :frowning: thanks for reposting.