Is it really that bad?

lets jump right into it- I through front style
I can through side style (not sure if that’s the right word, makes the yoyo spin backwards ) fine do long combos and hard tricks. I just thought front style 80 percent of the time and prefer it. I have been yo-yoing on and off for 5 years (seriously since 5th grade im 16 now) and I consider my self advanced ( if it means any thing I can do all the trick tutorials on this sight ) I have learned all my combos and freestyle routines front style. The whole point of thronging side style is so your yoyo doesn’t bind up to you on accident. I find it that the yoyo binds up more often when I through side style, I think I have naturally adapted to doing most of my combos out of reverse trapize.

im a “advanced/ master player” who throughs front style does it really matter, what do you guys think

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Well if you want to be just like everyone else; it’s bad. Yoyoing is pretty much individualized and if you are happy…you’re happy. :wink:

I agree with Skitrz. Also, the point of sidestyle isn’t to avoid binds. You can do things in each style that you can’t do in the other. That’s all!

Learning to throw side style, i.e. breakaways, is pretty useful. I’m sure if you start practicing it won’t take long to master it. Also curious how you learnt tricks like Magic Drop that don’t work unless the yoyo is spinning in the breakaway throw direction.

Even more important than your throwing style is learning how to spell “throw”. “Through” and “thought” are completely different words with different meanings.

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After giving your question a bit more thought:

  1. It’s not bad to have a dominant style.
  2. It’s not bad to work on weaker styles of play.
  3. It’s not bad to have a variety of styles of play.
  4. It’s not bad to be happy with where you are at, in your yoyo development.
  5. It’s not bad to want to improve your yoyo skills.
  6. It’s not bad to think about all these things.
  7. It’s just bad if you think to much about all of this and forget to yoyo. ::slight_smile:
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I can throw side/ trapize style perfect, as good as anyone else) I just prefer front style

I understand preferring a different style, as long as you do what makes you happy. I think you might be confused with the purpose of side style though. It isn’t to make your yoyo bind less often, it’s to provide another angle to manipulate the string/yoyo. Think about it. There are tricks that cannot be done with both fingers pointing towards each other (frontstyle) and tricks with fingers parallel (sidestyle). I hope this makes sense. Anyways, you have about 4 years worth of experience on me, and I’m just putting my two cents in :slight_smile:

When I play front style I through it side ways, so the string would be parallel with me as if I was throwing a traipse :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


And I think it’s fine to like front style better. No problem with liking something, even of other people don’t like it.

I can’t understand your question. I’m sorry.

How do you mount into horizontal from a reverse breakaway?

Think Paul kerble?

It’s not bad. Frontstyle looks amazing.

I also use a front throw to do side style play. It’s just what I’ve done from the time I started. There are certain maneuvers that can only be done with a front throw. I discovered this when I teach people at my club tricks I’ve made up. For me they work fine, but for them it snags at certain points.

I also know tricks that I can’t do because of the way I throw. The very first step in “Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich” causes snags about 85% of the time, because its meant to be done from a breakaway. Same goes for string rejection tricks like “magic drop”. They don’t work. So to make up for that, I’ve made up my own string rejection tricks.

I don’t plan on changing the way I throw. Not a whole lot of people throw like we do and I think it’s pretty cool. If it bothers you enough, it’s never too late to change. I say keep throwing how you are throwing and enjoy yourself.

nothing wrong with throwing that way. alexis jv throws that way most of the time.

Is there like an auto correct system forcing him to spell throw incorrectly?

I’m not going to state my personal opinion on this, but just go watch the top 100 finishers of last years eyc prelims. They all throw 95% side style.

sorry meant to say wyyc 1a prelims.
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You can edit on mobile.

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Thx never saw that. :stuck_out_tongue: