I’ve noticed that I really need to work on my frontstyle. I know a decent amount of sidestyle tricks, but sadly to say, my best frontstyle trick is basically split the atom. Any good tricks, going from easy to hard? I also noticed that some videos are purely sidestyle as well, so maybe others out there have this problem as well? I might put together a fronstyle list of tricks if I get enough responses. Thanks for any suggestions!


There’s always the picture tricks that everyone knows and loves. My personal favorites are Atomic Bomb (or Barrel Rolls, which is what I typically call it) and Mach 5. That’s really all I’ve got, but I use a ton of side style. I’d like to see what others mention. Gotta keep up with the tricks of the trade. ;D


Zipper’s a favourite of mine:


Your not the only one that’s been thinking this recently. I learned a good bit of front style from yotricks, but still want to learn more. I’ve been looking around on YouTube.

(UmeNagisa) #5

I Play my front style, Similar to side style.
Except, due to the reverse rotation.
I Like doing lots of rejections and Plane breaking :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies, and I learned a lot from those videos, GregP. I guess frontstyle just isn’t as developed as sidestyle.


Actually, i believe that it is developing nowadays because i see people doing some frontstyle using mounts derived from GT


I hit a roadblock when I tried to make frontstyle tricks awhile back. I had come up with a couple small maneuvers (by accident mainly) but no combo material. After messing with those few small frontstyle tricks I was able to come up with a few frontstyle combos. Pretty technical ones too. A couple have slacks, some have off axis movement (I think that’s what to call it…). Just takes some patience and some getting used to the hand placement if you’ve been working with side style primarily. It was weird for me at first, but now I love frontstyle. Here are some of my tricks (with multiple angles)

If you want to see some unique frontstyle, watch Mark Montgomery. Reeeeeally cool frontstyle that flows very well.


this one is fun and flashy


oops maybe


Seasick :

The guy here almost executes it flawlessly. Keep watching and you’ll see when it’s perfect. it really looks like the waves of the ocean