Frontstyle! (With Poll)

It is my main goal in yoyoing to revolutionize 1A Frontstyle. Therefore, I mainly do frontstyle. Yet, you can’t revolutionize something without learning it before hand, and you can’t learn it if its not there! In terms of frontstyle, beyond the humble pop’n fresh, it’s a desolate wasteland forcing you to make your own tricks at a very early point IMO. I have seen brain twister combo videos, but I need something different! I need tutorials, not freestyles. And, if possible, links to frontstyle tricks beyond pop’n fresh, or different styles within frontstyle.

Oh, and +10 points for anyone who can get some links to any one handed tricks.

Well, a lot of frontstyle is just combos and improvision. IIRC, I linked you to Hiroyuki’s freestyle in the Chat. While it doesn’t contain any new tricks or anything, it’s still impressive because he took basics and got them to look really nice.

Yeah, even though its still the same stuff, IMO his 2010 Japan nats was better than his legendary 2005 Worlds freestyle. Any frontstyle tricks that others have made up will work too :P. most FS vids don’t feature tutorials.

edit: Though I have seen Jayyo’s “brintwister combo elements” vid, and its been the most helpful source so far 8)

I gots a one hand trick sort of


Around 0:30 to 0:43 is frontstyle.

Hope that can help with some ideas…he is pretty fast, though, so it is hard to see exactly what he is doing.

Why was his 2005 worlds freestyle legendary? O_O

I love frontstyle! To me it’s one of the smoothest styles there are but it’s not flashy! (Cept for revolutions front style).

I think more people in frontstyle need to concentrate on creating new tricks instead of just chaining simple tricks together, or at least add on to classic frontstyle tricks.

How about Boingy to GT.