Help breakdown Ann Connolly's EYYC performance?


Personally I think Ann Connolly has the best showmanship attitude among all the players because of that famous smile she has whenever she throws.

Anyway in this video I’m just curious about 3 segments in particular.

at 1:03 are those just barrel rolls or something? like if you watch closely it seems simple? but she somehow makes it look really good and at 1:20 is it the same move but faster or something cause they look so different yet seem similar in theory?

1:54 her famous combo I’m very keen to learn it like it seems simple? and yet a nice trick when done with speed. I honestly don’t know where to start with this one

So if you guys could help that would be awesome :slight_smile:



hey man yes, the first trick is barrel rolls / Atomic Bomb. I learned it as Atomic Bomb but it has been known to be called Barrel rolls.

then in 1:20 when she does the similar thing she is making a combo out of many tricks based out of split bottom mount. It looks like she gets into the split bottom mount and then goes into a quick Mach 5 then does a rotation of atomic bomb and then into a boing-e-boing.

Use VLC and download the video to slow it down.


oh sounds like your talking about the trick 3 five.


There’s a trick called 3-Five?
Care to share maybe a tutorial vid or anything?


I believe it is five repetitions of Mach 5 then five Barrel Rolls and then five boings. I am not sure that I have the order correct though.