Need Help identifying specific trick!

In Ann Connolly’s Kengarden promo-- which is phenominal btw-- she does a trick ~2:40 where she swings the yoyo in a circle perpendicular to the string in a interesting mount.

I’d really love to learn how to do that trick! Is there a name for the mount she is using or a tutorial for the trick? I realize it might be her own personal trick, but maybe you guys know of some similar tricks that use the perpendicular/circle spin on the string?

I’m pretty new to yoyoexpert, I hope I’m being relatively clear. >< Thanks for the help!

Hard to describe really, watch it in slow motion and you should be able to see the whole thing to the point of figuring something out. :slight_smile:

Oh jeez. Time to bust out the coffee-- lol. My throw isn’t quite strong enough yet to do the full combo! ><
I guess at I can try to make it into that pyramid shape mount and reverse engineer an easy way to get into it.

I’m pretty sure its a variation of Gentry’s Gorilla Hands

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OH MAN! That definitely looks like the right mount! TYTY! Going to start practicing right away!

edit: Nailed it!!! The adrenaline rush is real! Can’t wait to show the muggles! :3